LV Keepall B 45 or Le Pliage Expandable Travel Tote

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  1. hello!
    i would love to hear opinions on which is a better option for carry-on luggage and car travel: the LV keepall bandouliere 45 or le pliage expandable travel tote. i do not want to carry anything very heavy very long so i am drawn to both of these lightweight options that include a shoulder strap. i love both brands for the quality and the asthetic, but of the two - i like the look of the lv keepall duffle better than the expanded le pliage travel tote, even though i am not a huge fan of the lv monogram (gasp!). i consider myself a moderate packer - i.e. i mix and match clothes, rewear items, and i try my very best to not overpack. with that in mind, i definitely want something that will hold a week's worth of outfits, a few pairs or shoes (size 6), and two toiletry bags. i plan to always wear a purse with either - either a lv speedy epi or a le pliage large tote, so no purse-type items need to fit.

    jeez sorry to be a pain in the bottom for my very first thread! any advice is appreciated from someone who is familiar with both. OH PS: yes i realize the price difference and am considering a vintage keepall from a reseller.
  2. Well, there is a huge difference tbh. The keepall is great, but it will be a tad bit heavier than a nylon pliage.
    First off, I don't think you can fit a week's worth of clothes + 2 toiletry bags + shoes in a 45. For that amount of stuff, you'd be tight in a 50, and just right with a 55. Of course, the larger size you get, the heavier the bag will become.
    If you're not a fan of monogram, there are many other options you can choose: damiers, epi, etc. although you are most likely to find monogram in the reselling world.

    Good luck!
  3. LV Keepall 45 of course! then if your things won't fit, get the Le Pliage as well :smile:
  4. big thanks for your help!
  5. I was debating between these 2 items as well and I went for the Le Pliage. I actually bought the LC bag back in March and so far I am loving it.

    I didn't want to get the LV Keepall because I would worry about leaving it in the hotel room and having it stolen.

    I use my Le Pliage for long weekend trips. DH & I both put our items in there and it's working really well for us!

    If you scour the internet for coupon codes, you can probably save a good chunk on this item. I ordered mine from another state, so I didn't have to pay any sales tax. I ended up paying $204 total for mine (no sales tax, free shipping and a discount).
  6. Between the two I'd pick the Longchamp for the following reasons: it's more cost-friendly, there's no vachetta to worry about (staining from water/liquids, conveyor belts, etc.), it's more subtle than the LV mono print so it won't attract unwanted attention, it's still a spacious travel tote, its shape makes it a little bit easier to fit into an overhead bin or under a seat, and you could buy it brand new without the thoughts of someone else's dirty underwear rolling around inside a vintage piece that's been who knows where.
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  7. thank you again! all such great thoughts and perspectives!
  8. Keepall all the way. The Longchamp has plastic zippers, come on!
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