Lv Keepall 50

  1. Does anyone own this bag? This will be my 1st LV purchase and I was looking for somewhat of a duffle bag. I'll be carrying 2 bottles of water (1pt 0.9 oz), newspaper, small ziplog container to hold my cereal, legal pad, etc. I usually carry a separate purse for other things but I need something bigger for all my other junk!! I looked at the Cabas Mezzo but I have other bags that I'll use as an every day bag and need a bigger bag to hoist my other junk!! I know this is primarily a travel bag but please let me know what you guys think:confused1:!!
  2. I have it. I use it as a carry-on for plane flights and it's fabulous! It holds a TON. I just will NEVER check it because the baggage handlers are SO rough on LV. You'll love it, guaranteed!
  3. Thank U Sarah,
    I'm heading to the LV Boutique tomorrow:yahoo:. Thx for the quick response. BTW, Happy 4th!!
  4. I have the keepall in 45 and love it, great for travel/over nights. I saw someone using the cerises keepall as an everyday bag. Looked ok as she was a bigger gal, but I feel would work better as a travel bag.
  5. keepall is a must have for all LV lovers :p
  6. It probably would be better as a travel bag but I'm going to LV tomorrow and see if it'll work as a everyday bag. I'll see how the 45 looks (didn't realize they had something smaller than the 50). I'm not a big gal - 5'7 and around 130 lbs so I hope it doesn't overpower me.

    Again, thanks for all the responses!!
  7. i have the damier azur keepall with no strap.

    I think this bag is fantastic, a larger bag might be too big and have everything swimming in it,
  8. I use the Keepall 45 in epi and monogram as an everyday bag. It's pretty normal at my uni to use bags that big to carry all our stuff around, so as long as you like the look of it, i say go for it! :yes:
  9. Go for it great for carry on, make sure you get a strap!
  10. looveeee my keepall 45 ;) i take it everywhere when i travel, and i think i actually may be walking into LV with it on friday since i'm traveling to manhattan and then up past manhattan to stay at my bf's :biggrin: