LV Keepall 45 in EPI Light Blue - rare? w/ Pic

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  1. I have been offered a Keepall in EPI light blue, and have been told it's very hard to come by - I've had a bit of a look online, and can find the Keepall EPI in a few different colours, but nothing really on the light blue version.


    Any feedback?

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  2. i think this is a toledo blue keepall. the color has been discontinued several years ago.
  3. Sorry can't help... never have seen this one!
  4. Yes it looks like the Toledo...the Myrtille is a little less bright. Very pretty keepall.
  5. Thanks - you're right about the colour, good to know!
  6. i've seen this one before but the color not sure!!!.
  7. I definitely like the colour - and I haven't had a Keepall before, so I guess the 45 is a good place to start! :P
  8. This is the discontinued Toledo Blue color
  9. #9 Aug 7, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
    Oh good god, that is GORGEOUS. That Keepall is TO DIE FOR.
  10. Thanks Addy!
  11. Lol! That's what I think too!

    I'm waiting for her to call so I can go round and take a look at it - tBF keeps having to tell me to sit still and be patient, but I don't want to wait any longer! :Push:

  12. Agree :tup:
  13. I bought it! Will have to post modelling pics in the next couple of days, right now I'm just so happy :yahoo:
  14. You're welcome and congrats! :tup:
  15. yay Congrats! I'm so happy you bought it! I can't wait to see modeling pics!

    Man, I can't stop staring at that Blue!! I can't resist that blue. Ugh, I'm so mad LV discontinued it. Why discontinue such a vibrant and sexy color? The current Epi colors are so bland (except Ivoire). I hope LV will bring back the beautiful vibrant colors Epi so desperately needs right now. lol. Good god. :drool: