LV Josephine Owners

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  1. I am thinking of getting this bag for my mom, but she likes shoulder bags - can this be put on the shoulder? I have a Lucille that I use as a shoulder bag but it's a little bit too small for her.

  2. Hi
    I have this bag. You can buy a matching shoulder strap at LV. I love the bag!
  3. So the handles are too short to have as a shoulder bag?

    Hm...I have to see if my mom likes the shoulder strap.
  4. I think that there may be a larger Lucille as well, you may want to check into that?
  5. My mom liked my Lucille PM because it has a zip top, the Lucille GM is a tote.

    Maybe I should just give her my bag if she doens't mind the size and get another one :smile:
  6. I have the Lucille PM too, love it!

    As for the josephine PM, it'll only fit on your shoulders if you're petite... only than that, the straps are too short. I tried it on in the store and it was a bit bulky on the shoulders but my friend bought up a good point that they are stuffed at the boutique.