1. OMG! I couldn't imagine carrying that bag.....sorry to those who like it. It's just too weird for me!
  2. Not really a fan of it. Oh well.
  3. uggh, not a fan.
  4. I'm not feeling this bag either. :nogood:
  5. the bag is really a joke..
  6. looks cheap imo.
  7. I Like it :nuts:
  8. Are they really going to produce this? Serious question, not a joke.:upsidedown:
  9. :yucky: Not feeling that.
  10. Yes its actually going to be available, but I'm not getting it! I wonder if this is another idea of marc jacobs. hmmm...
  11. Its very strange that the jokes are all negative towards woman....kind of strange seeing as how woman are the ones who are carrying it!
  12. Ummm, no. Not my cup of tea!
  13. no...don't like it, sorry :smile:
  14. I actually like the bag itself...minus the lame a** jokes