LV jewlery....need your opinions...plz!!!!

  1. You guys know that LV jewlery is very beautiful but very expensive...

    But I had my heart set on a gold apple charm...but its just too much $$$ for a simple thing as that...

    But I havent given up and found this.......

    Tell me you do ya think?? Im starting to save up for it now, so it will be in a month...but its sooo cute and affordable...right????

    Where are my enablers?
  2. It's cute, but for me there are so many cute charms out there, it's hard to spend so much, kwim.

  3. Its so true......Ive been trying to talk myself out of it.....there are alot of pretty charms for the price but.....

    But the LV pochette....its so cute....ughhhh....
  4. not for me. if you like it, go for it :nuts:
  5. <------ I want the charm in my avatar, but I simply can't swallow the price for it !!!
  6. I've seen this one in person and it's so cute, but it's SO tiny. I could never spend so much on something so small, I'd rather have a bag.
  7. it's just so darn cute but too expensive for such a little thing

  8. Yea, it is small....but thats why I like it......ughh...:crybaby:

    The price is stupid for such a little thing, your right...but....its sooooo darn sweet looking!!!!!!!

  9. It is super super cute, but may I suggest going to look at it in person? It's easy to drop that much money on something online, but maybe if you see it in person, the reality will hit you of how much that is for that small of an item. If you do that, and still love and want it, by all means, go for it and post tons of pics!!!
  10. if you want it, get it :yes:

    Just ask yourself can you live without it? If you don't buy it will you regret doing so in the future?

  11. Thanks you, Im gonna do just that!!!!....I will go down to check it out in person......its dead on that...while checking out something on-line and really seeing it IRL can be very different......:yes:
  12. It's very pretty but I would rather have something else.
    If you really want it tho you should get it.

    LV charms are so cute but so expensive!

  13. Im gonna try to fiquere this out, like you said......ughhh...

    When it comes to jewlery, I buy them b/c it has certain meanings for me....and this one does for me....

    B/c, my first LV purchase was a pochette...although I didnt like it and sold love with LV began with it.....:push:

    Dumb...I know....this is how emotional I am with jewlery....drives my DH crazy......:sweatdrop:
  14. I love it, but I would go with a bag.
  15. I think it's cute! If you're really into jewelry and charms I think it's a great purchase.