LV Jewelry Cases/Mini trunks

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  1. Does anyone have one? Either a stock one or a custom one?

    I'm thinking of doing a custom one for a milestone birthday.
    I have no idea what size I need, as I'm not super into fine jewelry, but I do care for the ones I do have.
    I've always wanted a case of my own, and my SAs did show me the traveling trunk show when it was in the area awhile ago.

    What would be your ideal jewelry case?
    How much would it/should it hold?
    If you have one, are you happy with yours? Is there anything you'd change?

    Pictures would be much appreciated, please watermark them before you post! :smile:
  2. Bump?
  3. I have a small trunk, I think it's a 25. It's a nice size, but there aren't compartments for jewelry. You would have to store your jewelry loose or in a small cloth bag. I don't use mines. I bought it in Hawaii last during my babymoon for my son.
  4. Good point on the no compartments style.

    Yes I've seen the ones online, and a few in person, but I'm looking to see if anyone has done a custom one. Looking online is usually the first step of my research.

    I don't like the briefcase looking one and the coffret doesn't have any organization. The few hard pieces in store were in colors I disliked, so since I'm planning to spend a hefty amount, I wanted to see what others have done, if anyone was willing to share.
  5. I have the Poche Monte Carlo 17 Mono(1994). It's been retired (obviously since it's 22 years old, but looks brand new!), but the Monte Carlo Jewellry Box is quite similar to mine. I have used this MANY times and love it. Good luck deciding!
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469320258.258131.jpg


    I've both of these cases and I would recommend the toiletry case for a jewelry box. It's more versatile, the smaller case contains a mirror and you can fit jewelry in pouches in there. You can put your everyday jewelry and watches there. Whilst the bottom compartment is really big to fit watches or other jewelry Items in their boxes. The suede version elevates the case and it feels lux!

    The actual jewelry case is great if you want to display your pieces and see everything in one go. Which makes it so much fun the moment you open the box everything sparkles!

    Both took approx 1yr to make and it was an amazing experience choosing everything.

    Photos curtesy of Instagram and web
  7. That's super cute and I'm sending that to DBF for the future proposal

    Good to know it'll withstand the test of time!

    I've seen a new version of the red lined one!

    Didn't think about keeping things in boxes in the toiletry case. but to have everything sparkling at me every morning is definitely tempting.

    One year doesn't sound too bad for such a labor intensive piece!

    The homework my SA asked me to do after seeing the available pieces was to think about how much I want to hold in this box.

    How did you determine the amount of jewelry to store in the display everything box?
  8. To protect your jewelry you should only store one piece in each compartment to prevent the pieces clashing and scratching each other. However in practice I just throw things in . Interesting What does the new version look like? You can also get a coffer 26 and add a compartment tray too if you are wanting something smaller.
  9. This is true.
    But in practice, I only have a small amount of fine jewelry and only plan to add a few more pieces.
    Fine jewelry should have its own compartments!
    I'm a little more carefree with my costume, which will remain in my current jewelry box.

    I didn't know there was a coffer 26. I need to see sizes in person to determine how big of a box I need. the 24/26 coffer sound like that's what I need, but I'm just not sure! I don't want one too big or too small (lol goldilocks much?)
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469328299.021000.jpg
  11. Hmm... Maybe that style could work for me. Just not in red. Red's not my favorite color. Thanks for the picture!
  12. Ugh. Apparently all the hard cases are primarily in Beverly Hills.

    My SA said that BH and 5th Ave NYC will be the places to see more hard cases and be where you'd want to order.