LV Jetsetters & Business Travelers!!!


Apr 8, 2007
Hey girlz,

Due to my job, im frequently on a plane and travel alot sometimes once or twice a month...I cant deal anymore with my laptop bag, my speedy and my carryon...its too overwhelming...too many bags!


Sadly, i dont have an LV shop where i live, but since i travel alot, thats not a problem....

Ive seen the Nolita...(BREATHTAKING) and the Deauville...does anyone own these bags??

Im looking for a bag, where i can stash my very small laptop, my personal items and look great from a business meeting to fancy dining when im traveling...

The Nolita is very big, its a handheld, but not sure if confortable for traveling.....Opinions and these two items????????


Dec 12, 2006
Here's a pic of my Nolita. I just bought it. I bought the shoulder strap, too. I love it. But I'm not sure if it would fit a laptop. It has three inside pockets (one zip, one for a phone and an open one). There a pocket on the outside, too.


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Sep 3, 2006
I also travel alot and purchased the Damier Saleya GM to use as a carry-on / laptop bag.

It has been wonderful. I have an IBM laptop with smaller laptop although not one of the "really" small ones and it fits great. The bag is also plenty large to put a decent size purse in as well. So I put my purse with all of my junk including a large size wallet, brush, and the rest of the usual purse stuff, in the bottom, my laptop, and the rest of my travel stuff (book, iPod, Nintendo DS, snacks, water, etc. etc.). Then when I get where I'm going I simply take my normal size purse out and I'm ready to go. It fits over the shoulder so its hands free if need be. The bag also looks great for business meetings where I have to take the laptop and documents.

The Damier is plenty durable for under the airline seats or the overhead bins. Front pocket is great for passport, tickets, a book, etc.

I sound like a commercial, but I have to tell you I couldn't be any more pleased with it.


May 15, 2007
May i suggest to you the largest size of the Neverfull. It is very roomy and the price is great. As shown from the purseblog front page. it can be turned inside out and it can be both casual and stylish!


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May 16, 2006
Oooh.. i think Cili Padi's got it with the Passy GM.. or with the Saleya (light weight)

As you are travelling, having something you can carry on your shoulder is the main thing!! i hated carrying around a hand held tote while juggling luggage and duty free purchases etc... It is a nightmare.

I have a tobago carryall and wanted to use that as my carry on as it fits my laptop and other stuff, but the bag itself was heavy when empty, so it weighed like a ton of bricks when i put everything in...

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Feb 17, 2006
I just recently travelled with my NEVERFULL MM and my Damier Pegase thru 4 airports with no probs..I have a 15 inch DELL laptop that fit inside the MM BAG..Plus all my junk too...I was shocked at how much fit in the MM..U should look at it.Dont be fooled by the thin straps.....Mine are in perfect shape...


Nov 22, 2006
If you get the Deauville, definately buy the strap for it. However, unless you have a very tiny laptop, the Deauville may not work for you. You should take your laptop to the LV store when you start looking for your new travel bag.

As another tPFer suggested, maybe the Saleya GM would work well for you to use basically as a tote/briefcase/purse or perhaps the new Neverfull MM (if you don't mind an open top with a clip closure).

You could also try the Cabas Mezzo but then you would have to worry about the vachetta bottom which could get easily dirty when traveling.

You may also want to purchase a Pochette if you don't already have one to keep essentials in it in your larger bag and that way you'll have a smaller bag to take with you when you leave your large bag in the hotel room.

Good luck with your decision!