LV Jeans?

These were also produced in blue and white denim:


The pair I saw had 2 yellow pointed fleurs in the center of the back pockets.
my Jean jacket by LV was 640 and the jeans were $400 to match it. I personally dont think they are too outrageous. Although they are rather plain and I dont like the Monogram on the jeans, its nice but people will proably think its fake.
Yes, LV does make jeans. I saw a couple of styles at South Coast Plaza last month, one a lighter color with the LV emblem on the pockets, and the other was a very dark blue, sparkly, and totally gorgeous with a huge LV logo on the belt line as seen in prior posts. I was going to ask about them and try them on, but I got distracted by a new pair of LV denim espadrilles that I just had to have. :P