LV Jeans?

  1. Was there such an item produced by LV?
  2. Yup. Are you thinking about a certain style?

    There are a few jeans in Women's and Men's RTW.
  3. So...any idea how much are they? Never seen them on their site also.
  4. There is a pair of women's denim shorts from the 2007 Cruise collection for $3200 :wtf:
  5. Hmmm... if I remember correctly, a pair of jeans I saw last month were $460?
  6. These were also produced in blue and white denim:


    The pair I saw had 2 yellow pointed fleurs in the center of the back pockets.
  7. I had that pair in blue and the jacket with the mink collar

    Jeans were $600 and jacket $1700
  8. They made a few jean jackets too
  9. Yes, jeans were made by Louis Vuitton. I saw the above pictured pair in Blue at the 5th ave. store in NYC :smile:
  10. my Jean jacket by LV was 640 and the jeans were $400 to match it. I personally dont think they are too outrageous. Although they are rather plain and I dont like the Monogram on the jeans, its nice but people will proably think its fake.
  11. Mattd, only people who do not know LV may think it's fake, but for anyone who knows, they'll know it's real :yes:
  12. Yes, LV does make jeans. I saw a couple of styles at South Coast Plaza last month, one a lighter color with the LV emblem on the pockets, and the other was a very dark blue, sparkly, and totally gorgeous with a huge LV logo on the belt line as seen in prior posts. I was going to ask about them and try them on, but I got distracted by a new pair of LV denim espadrilles that I just had to have. :p
  13. I've seen them at the Union Square store!
  14. Well there are a lot of dumb people who think LV is only Monogram Canvas and that is it!