LV jeans belt opinions

  1. I was thinking of purchasing the Jeans belt with the large style buckle. Does anyone own one? Seems very $$$$$ for a belt. Need your input please
  2. My doctor has it, its an amazing belt. VERY flashy from afar :smile:

    I remember when they made the belt in a carmel color but only black now :sad:
  3. i got one and here it is..:p i love it though it cost me alot..:supacool:


  4. It's nice!
  5. If you like belts with big, flashy buckles, then that's the right one for you.
  6. nah, i really like the pochette belt, but thats it. too huge for me. too gaudy for my taste. but, some people can rock that without looking ridiculous! (im not one of them)
  7. Your pics are great, wish e-lux would have real pics. The price is killing me tho, esp after the increase!
  8. Vlad has one. I would love this cept never tuck in my shirts so you wouldn;t be able to see it.
  9. I looove the design on the buckle, though I wish the buckle itself was smaller... :s