LV - it's just so timeless....


Aug 20, 2006
Boston area
You know, every now and then I think about buying another brand, I obsess over it, etc. I know some of you have already 'cheated' ;)
I try to envision myself with this 'other brand' in say 10 years or even 1 or 2 years and wonder if I'll love it the same as I did when I first saw it and I honestly don't think I would. I can see myself with my speedy in the next 10, 20, 30 years still getting lots of use out of it and it not going out of style. That to me is what is so great about LV and I don't think any other brand has that longevity (except Hermes Birkin/Kelly of course). I would hate to spend $100's or $1000's on a bag that is just trendy. This is what keeps me from buying other bags right now!!! :smile:


Feb 2, 2007
Same here..I was shopping with my girlfriend as she wanted to buy a designer bag..we went to many boutiques like Loewe, Prada, Gucci, Miumiu, chanel and LV of course..She was very keen in buying a coffer bag from Miumiu. I kept asking her to see if the bag is light and if it is durable. The bag is too heavy and it is just a passing trend. We then went to LV whereby she wanted to buy the Damier Alma. Of course, I kept telling her that it is a timeless bag, very light, is durable and worth the money!

I have managed to persuade her into buying the Alma. Many times I myself wanted to buy a Loewe Amazone bag, but I stop myself and told myself that I would rather invest in a LV bag cos of the quality! :yahoo:

cherry pie

Jan 13, 2007
cloud 9
i think its so timeless because of its history. miumiu is cool but its fashion, you probly wont use it in 20 years. i see LV as investments, and they are so well made that you know they will last. its the same with hermes but theyr to pricey for me.


Crazy for LV
Apr 18, 2006
I know what your saying and I do agree with you.

I have to say also though, that I was using exclusively LV for quite some time and just recently branched out. I feel liberated!! LOL!! Sometimes it's nice to get a trendier bag especially if you like to be a little edgy, kwim? You could always sell the bag if it goes out of style. I think I'm learning to have a little more "fun" with bags and even though I love LV and their quality, sometimes, I don't want to be so much "timeless" as I want to be "fun" too.


Too Obsessed...
Dec 13, 2006
I love Chanel and will buy their bags, they are pretty timeless. For very trendy bags though I buy cheaper ones, I cannot stand to spend a grand only to not like it a year later.


Sep 13, 2006
i love reading threads like this! Thats why we love LV, timeless styles that can be worn forever, and reliable quality so we know the bag will still look great in 20 years (treated with care of course). When i buy my bags i do think i will love them forever and can picture myself carrying them when i am old.
Oct 3, 2006
I agree with the OP. One of the reasons I've slowly gotten into LV now is that I want to use them over the years and hopefully my daughter will want some of them after I'm gone. I can think of a few more brands which haven't been named in this thread yet that there's NO WAY the styles that are out by them now are going to be worn or wanted even ten years from now -- and they cost the same as LV!


Living life...
Jun 16, 2006
I go through similiar phases where I obsess over other brands or bags. But, LV always ends up being the one that comes home. I think it helps that Portland doesn't really have the best selection in terms of other high end boutiques.

Even among the brands that I own I seem to concentrate on using LV. This morning I was trying to decide which bag to bring to work with me. I was almost ready to grab my Chanel out of her sleeper but as soon as I was about to my tried and true Speedy crossed my vision. So of course that's who I brought out today.

I really love the fact that the mono/damier bags are so durable. I don't feel bad grabbing them and taking them to work with me. Plus, they are so easy to throw stuff into and walk out the door.

I really think LV has a fan for life.


Aug 22, 2006
I still use bags I bought 20 years ago. 2 of them are no longer made. One is the Large Randonee, and I have no idea wht the other one is named - it looks kind of like a large Kelly-style bag, the size of a small briefcase. I used it as a brief when I was working, but now I use it as a purse. It came with a shoulder strap, too, so I don't always have to hand-carry it. Maybe I'll get a pic today and post it so someone may have the name of it for me.