LV items you haven't for one second regretted purchasing

  1. Being that I have sold a number of LV items on eBay, I started thinking about the ones I fell in instant love with from the second I brought it home and would never consider selling.

    These are:

    Batignolles Horizontal (first LV, started my obsession)
    Speedy 30 (nuff said)
    Vernis Cles in Pomme
    Groom Agenda in yellow

    (I also have a Denim Baggy PM and a White MC Pochette, but although I love them and am not planning on selling them, I could see possibly doing so in the future.)

    How about you guys?
  2. My mirage speedy...I can see myself carrying that bag for years to come. I don't know about the rest of my stuff...I've already sold things that I thought I never would....But the mirage is definately a keeper!!
  3. Cerises speedy & bucket, Damier speedy 30, Cherry blossom pochette, epi fawn petit Noe off the top of my head.
  4. Fucshia Denim Neo Speedy and Moka Onatah GM in Cuir - I lusted over these bag for ages and have been happy with them ever since.
  5. Sometimes I sold bags that I never thought to sell.
  6. Damier Azur Speedy 30. I love it, even now in the cold fall. It looks great against my orange raincoat, and great against my camelhair coat. Really stands out so much - love it when I catch a glimpse of my reflection.
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  7. These are the bags that continually come out of the "handbag closet" easily

    Damier ebony Speedy 30 - bought when I wasn't supposed to be shopping
    Black Denim Cabby GM - LOVE this bag
    Koala vernis wallet in Pomme/Framboise - I switch wallets out quite often but I find the Koala to be the one I like the most

    I have a feeling that my MOCA neverfull will soon be on this list, as it is terribly easy to use and pack stuff around in.
  8. My mono speedy 25. I wear that bag out everywhere! It is my constant companion!
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  9. My framboise agenda PM. It is SO useful since it's both my wallet and agenda, and I carry it with me EVERYWHERE. My pomme 4-key holder too...they're both so useful and so cute together, it would take something QUITE amazing to make me sell those two...
  10. Speedy 30 - My first love.
    MC white agenda that I use as a wallet.
  11. Well, my mono Speedy 25 is almost 19 now ...all grown up! So it's definitely one of my favorites.

    And I use my mono French purse every day. I just replaced it after carrying the previous one for almost 10 years. I guess I'm a creature of habit!
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  12. All of mine!
    They are all so different and gorgous!
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  13. I love all my LV purchases. I don't regret any of them.
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  14. My Damier Speedy 25:heart: It really is my favorite bag ever. I think im gonna get rid of my Mono Pap 26, even though it was my first bag I NEVER use it lol. And I would never sell my Mono Cles because I use it everyday and it was my first piece of LV! And if I ever get the Neo Cabby MM, its a bag I could see myself keeping for a long time, if not forever.
  15. Actually I think regret was too strong of a word. I have always loved whatever I bought but for some items I eventually decided I wanted something else more. The good thing about LV is that I have usually gotten close to what I paid. :yahoo: