LV Items that I picked up over the last 1.5 weeks

  1. Well, for reasons beyond my control I have not been able to post some of the older items that I purchased. So here they are.

    I purchased the Dune Cle, Silver Mirroir Lockit, Fleur keyring, and Framboise Cle at the start of July.

    Today, I purchased the Amarante ring, Damier Cle, Pochette Riveting, and for the DH a Utah wallet (his Taiga wallet needed to be replaced for fall)

    Not as extravagent as I would have liked it to have been :devil:, but it will do for a week or two.

    OH YES, I almost forgot. I was going to suprise my SA with a Starbucks gift card today. When we told her that we had a gift for her she said, "Really? I have a gift for you too!":yahoo:

    She brought out a box with the little LV wooden puzzle. This is our second gift in so many months from our SA, and needless to say we were both shocked and grateful.

    Honestly, this is the best type of relaxation on a stressful day.





  2. wow! Congrats! Beautiful things!
  3. Very nice purchases with great pics!!!

    Congrats! :tup:
  4. Congrats! I love everything! :drool:
  5. wonderful!
  6. LoVe the Utah wallet!!!!!!

    Absolutely BEAutiful
  7. oh my dats a lot of stuff, lucky you!
  8. Love everything you picked up!
  9. Love it all! Congrats!
  10. love everything!
  11. Loving your haul. Congrats to you! oh and the DH, too.
  12. Congrats!
    I see you got the VIC Le Pateki puzzle too! I haven't taken mine apart lol.
  13. Lovely SA..(and you too)

  14. i love them all !! congrats
  15. gorgeous you lucky lady!