LV it is over....for at least one year

  1. Ok...LV get out of my head..I have had enough of you already...this love affair must end...I am done with you...leave me alone...I have had enough already...

    Really I think I must not visit this site anymore I want so many LV pieces and cannot take is not in my budget and my LV appetite is crazy...what happened??? it was soo much easier being a gucci girl!!!

    I must break it off with LV...I am compulsive over LV pieces is this normal...
  2. you just gotLV love will get better control..Sometime I want to ban myself from this site but it's ssoooooooo hard!!!
  3. Stay strong don't have to own everything. Enjoy what you own now.:yes:
  4. it's also fun to come on and see what other ppl's a type of fun to me..!
  5. bagsngbags - congrats on 4500 posts!

    ok now back to topic... :back2topic:

    It is VERY hard to resist LV. I didn't think I was a fan but now I am SOOO hooked!

    lvpug - you already have a great wallet and some great picks for bags. If you're satisfied with the bags perhaps if you stretch out the period in which you buy the accessories that will be a more painless way to grow your collection?

    That's sort of how I've done it (mind you my "collection" is super duper small compared with others). I got a bag, then a wallet, then a bag, and then an agenda, a cles, and a scarf. Now I'm ready for bags again! :yahoo:

    Today though - I realized to fund my newfound or refound LV love/obsession - I'll have to give up my loves for other brands. We'll see - I figure it's all a matter of balance - balance of time and wants/needs so that using self-control I won't go crazy. I may not get everything I want when I want - but I'll slowly chip away at it and eventually I'll get most of it. If I can't - I can't - that's life right?
  6. LVpug - believe me, I was in the same shoes as you were a month ago. Everybody has pretty collections, and I had a measly small one. But you know what? I put everything into perspective, and I realized I should be thankful for what I have. I think after the papillon auction (which, I found out through several others' opinions within and outside this AUTHENTIC!!! Yes..!), I knew I had to control myself. Spending this much money in such a short period of time is not good for me, esp. since I want to go to graduate school.

    But anyway...the point I'm trying to make is that you will overcome your LV cravings. Not saying you'll be OVER LV, but you will control it, I promise.

    P.S. - I really like the bags you have now! I wish I had them...
  8. Pug, stay here, we will help you. Just enjoy what you have now, but this is a great consumer site even

  9. AMEN. I have given up a lot of other things so I can afford LV. Usually i would run rampant at outlet malls or at shoe I'm more fickle when it comes to other purchases so I can save coin for my new LV obsession. Wow, If I could only turn back time....a year ago I was literally REPULSED with LV. I've been brainwashed!

    But it is always a good idea to take a break from this now and then.
  10. I will post my before pfer and after pfer shots and it's frightening... However, the good news is that I really can't handle too much stuff. It clutters my mind. So, maybe you could think like that. I bought the bags i really wanted, and now I'm staying small. Being on a ban kind of makes you want it more... I don't really want so many bags I can't handle them all.. I like simplicity and moderation. But, I'm a journal writer, so the agendas REALLY attract me. It's definately a challenge. I'll try if you will.
  11. :roflmfao: LOL...I liked the repulsed thing!!
  12. nope, i've just lost my mind.
  13. Please do not leave this site. With time, I am sure you will get better control of your compulsion (for the lack of a better word). I love checking into this site each day, and yes, I also love LV, but I know I cannot buy all that I love, since I have other financial responsibilities. What fun would LV be if I ran out and purchased everything that I wanted, then what would I do?

  14. Awwww, I feel your pain. :sad: You can still visit here though, it's always nice to see other people's items too, sorta like window shopping.
    I would've thought that Gucci was also an expensive brand? Sorry - don't have a Gucci store nearby.
  15. I was at Off 5th, the Saks outlet, looking at a sweater and then put it down when I realized it was $100 toward a bag. LOL

    This forum is totally addictive and it's made me want more and more! But in the long run am totally happy to be here with you lovely guys and gals! :yahoo: