LV is Treating us Special for our Event in Alberta

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  1. ~ October 7, 2007 - Banff, Alberta ~​

    Just a reminder as we are only a couple of
    weeks away from out cutoff for this INVITATION ONLY LV Event for tPFers -- especially if you are in Alberta, but we have inquiries for attendance from Ontario to Seattle -- for our gathering in Banff, Alberta with :

    - Addy hosting a LV 101 Authentication Presentation
    - tPFers get togethers for brunch and eventings out in Banff if they are staying overnight in this beautiful mountain resort town in the Canadian Rockies

    and OF COURSE Louis Vuittons special Invitation Only to a Private Event at the Boutique which will be closed for our tPF group with a percentage of proceeds going to charity.

    They will provide us with champaign, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. Best of all time to meet and greet other tPFers and have a group shop! -

    LV staff from both Calgary and Banff will be serving us, and also possible representation from the Canada LV Headquarters just for us !!!

    Of course no charge for the event, just all meals, transportation, lodging etc. all expenses and shopping are on your own.

    THIS IS AN INVITATION ONLY EVENT and details on being considered are at the link below or under the LV Meeting Threads :

    For more info contact Vista, Jazzie, Karman - members of the LV tPF - or call Lisa or Sue at Louis Vuitton in Banff, Alberta.
  2. Sounds amazing, have a great time!
  3. September 1st is the cut off! We are doing this to allow sufficient time to send out invitations.

    Less than two months until the event! If you're in Canada start saving right after PSN! :graucho:
  4. aww..have fun you guyyyyyys/gals!!!
  5. I wished I lived anywhere near there! This is too cool!!!

  6. Come on Twiggers :smile: Lol I want to see your new B bags too !
  7. I still can't get over how amazing this is!
  8. If I was going to California on that day. Would have love to fly to Alberta to meet all you lovely tPFers!
  9. aww........i wanna come!

    and its on my birthday!
  10. Lol come :smile: We need another reason to drink LVs champaigne Rofl

    Don't forget how great it is just to come to Banff! But the LV event will be too fun :smile: We have to get our invite list submitted by Sept. 1 so if you are thinking about it .. hurry up and wait LOL jk :smile: check this out too!

    and of course our event links ... but if BF / DH / etc. isn't wanting to purse chat and shop for the weekend tempt them with that Lol
  11. Wow..I wish I could be there to join..sounds amazing
    have a wonderful time
  12. ^ :roflmfao:

  13. I wish Vancouver will have sth like this too...:sad: hehehe...

    To those who are going there enjoy and be sure to take lots and lots of pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tup: Happy Shopping!:smile:

  14. Me too :graucho:
  15. With Addy hosting a LV 101 Authentication and also may be a possible representation from the Canada LV Headquarter ?? Wow :nuts: :yahoo: