LV is the best....

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  1. I hate to admit it because afterall I am gucci girl but, too be honest I am now a huge fan of LV. Not only do I love the handbags and small leather goods but, also the history of the company. LV has one me over now and I think I should change my name because given the choice I would now buy LV over any other designer. It is kind of weird because I was unsure of the canvas vs leather and LV hooked me. When I hear women say it would be impossible to own only one LV I totally get it.

    p.s. Is it possible to change my posting name now????
  2. LOL, its never to late to change your posting name. I think you have to contact a forum mod thou??? Ask Irene (LV_addict) she'll know.

    I agree on the love of Louis. Trust me you can never have too many plus they go with everything! I sold almost all of my other bags except one Chanel tote. I am exclusively an LV girl now.hehe
  3. This just proves that LV can be very tempting, persuasive, addictive, and can even turn you away from you favorite brand. :nuts: I used to love Coach, but when I started buying LV, it's no turning back for me. :tender:
  4. I have a couple Coach and a Gucci but once I started buying Louis Vuitton I just can't buy anything else now. It's Louis or nothing for me now.
  5. I'm with you!! I was thinking I should sell all my other bags I have (except my Ferragamo shearling die for), I currently own one LV bag, the Croissant MM...but I have 2 Fendi's, 1 Dior, 1 Coach, and 1 Prada and I hardly use any of them...I keep thinking to use the money from the sale to invest in LV that I will use all the time. They're just collecting dust on their dust covers!! Hahah. :smile:
  6. Hey, I am the same way.

    I have Prada,Coach, Hermes, Fendi, Botega Veneta,MiuMiu and Gucci, total 30 or so. But since I became a member here (only 2 weeks !), I am back with my 1st love..... Louis Vuitton !!

    One reason is how they are made especially with Monogram and Damier. I have 30 years old bag and it still looks as good as new. ( the handles are dark though ) Worth the $$$$$ !
  7. I'm the same here - started with Gucci and then eventually fell in love with LV and ended up selling off my entire Gucci collection to support my new Vuitton love. Don't call me fickle coz I've stuck with LV for the last 6 years :smile:
  8. People that know exactly how I feel:yes: . That is tempting to sell off all my other handbags so I can get a dreamy LV handbag. Ohhh the Manhattan GM would be sooo nice or a Stephen handbag. I may just do it guys/gals...LV has won me over and there is no looking back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I know what you mean. I am going to put all my coach purses on ebay for sale since I have not used one since I started with LV. I did buy a gucci tote in June that I like but I love my LV's more.
  10. I completly understand what are your talking about, I used to love Marc Jacobs bags, then I moved to Gucci, but I still had the feeling that something was missing in my bags:confused1: then I made a good choice buying my first LV bag (Papillon 30) then I knew right away, this is the brand I always want it but refused to try for years:heart:
    Now I am a super happy LV collector, my collection is small but sure is versatile and fun.:wlae:
  11. Can't go wrong with's so addicting ..
  12. Gucci Girl, you are now 'LV Pug'!!! That's so have officially converted to LV!! :wlae:
  13. hey you changed your posting name! that's so cool!
    i want to change mine too! i just randomly picked this name cause all other things i can think of was taken!
  14. LV is definetely one at the top of my list too:rochard: :cutesy:
  15. LVPug-- yay! I'm glad you crossed over!!

    Hee hee maybe I should change my name to LVChi.... :smile: