LV Is Taking Over My Armoire!

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  1. Yesterday, was a bittersweet day. I finally made the commitment to sell off some of my Coach collection. I never wear them so all they do is take up space in my armoire leaving most of my LVs to sleep on the bookcase. I ended up selling all 4 that I figured I would be able to part with. There are a few more but I don't think I am at the point just yet to be able to part with them. I figured 4 would be a good start. I was able to sell them to friends and coworkers so it is going to be interesting seeing my old bags on someone else's arm. The bright side is that now I have some cash and it is burning a hole in my pocket.

    I am *thinking* about trying to pick up a new LV wallet. Does any one have the denim Amelia wallet? I have a black Denim XL that is would look adorable in. I am not sure if it would look cute in my other bags though. The Mahina Amelia looks gorgeous but I wonder how easily the leather would get scratched or marked up. I was also looking at the MC Alexandria wallet. Does anyone have pics of the inside? It mentions 13 credit card slots. :nuts:

    Right now I am using a mono business card holder to keep all my cards in and a mono small agenda to hold 6 of my main cards. I need a little excitement in my bag. Any suggestions would be helpful! TIA! :flowers:
  2. Have you looked at the MC eugenie wallet? It's got the pop you might be looking for plus a load of slots and a huge coin purse compartment.
  3. I didn't know that there was a MC Eugenie! Do you have a pic? I don't see anything coming up on the LV site. Thanks!!
  4. I thought they decided not to make the MC eugenie? I'm gonna be SO stoked if I missed the news that they went ahead with production! YAY!
  5. I think that the Bronze Mahina is absolutely stunning! The White MC Eugenie really stands out too.
  6. [​IMG]

    See, they removed all the bulky hardware, and the US site is ALWAYS slow in comparison to the uk and french sites. Noe posted this pic in the SS 08 pics thread.
  7. Mahina just looks soo soft. I loooove it. I am afraid it would end up getting ruined from being in my bag though.

    Wow that is soooo pretty. I wonder if the clasp would be a PITA to use everyday?
  8. I love the MC Eugenie
  9. ive noticed the us website tends to be slow when compared to France or uk.. I wonder why...
  10. i like the mc eugenie!!! not bad.
  11. It's beautiful but I'm afraid I would ruin it! Gorgeous to look at though!