LV is so expensive...

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  1. Hi gang...LV is so expensive and never goes on sale. Most other handbags go on sale like Gucci and Prada...why not LV...I love LV but, I am finding it too hard to keep up with all the new stuff coming out because of the price point...even the accessories are:nuts: $$$$$ that I have 2 LV bags:yahoo: and some accessories I think I will just treat myself to the occassional accessory when they come out...I cannot keep up:crybaby: ...I do not know how everyone does that I have standard pieces I will pick and choose accessories from collections that I love:heart: ...wish I could have everything I love:heart: ....but, it is just too darn expensive:crybaby: ...anyone else feel this way??
  2. i think the fact that it never goes on sale is part of its appeal of exclusivity. i'm actually glad it doesn't go on sale. i'd hate to spend thousands on a bag and discover a few months later that it's a few hundred dollars cheaper.
  3. thats why their called luxury items:lecture:
  4. I completely sympathize with you, LVpug. However, I think that's what makes LV so well-loved by everyone. I can't keep up with the latest and the greatest, and I think you're lucky that you can get a brand spanking new bag. I pick and choose only what I really love to control my spending habits...

    I'm on a ban last purchase will definitely hang over my head for a while because I completely ruined my savings (well, not ruined but I hate spending a chunk of money within a short time frame). With all my spending, I think I could've bought a brand new battignoles vertical! But, oh well...
  5. Yes, I do! They've been raising prices like crazy - and I posted this in another forum but... my Cherry Blossom Retro was under a grand ($960 I think?)... and now the limited edition pieces are through the roof! Thankfully I kinda maxed out my LV craze back then when the MC and CB lines first came out - so I don't feel that urge to buy all of their styles - but I often find myself choosing Gucci or Marc Jacobs over LV because I think it's better value for money. But the accessories at LV truly are TDF! I bought 2 groom pieces and they hit hard! I've been wanting an MC Port Monnaie Billets or whatever that wallet's called - and the prices keep getting higher for it!
  6. I think the small accessories are a great way to get your LV fix. It is wise of you to think ahead & not go over your limit.
    I like the fact that LV doesn't go on sale, I hate all of the price increases lately though. There isn't a whole lot worse shoppingwise] than finding your bag at a lower price after you forked out the dough.
  7. To me, Chanel is more luxurious than LV but even Chanel goes on sale.
  8. I think that's what separates LV from a lot of the other names. They have timeless styles and you don't have to worry about your style hitting the bargain bin in a few months. Like others have said, smaller accessories can help dress up your bag and also help with that LV fix! :yes:
  9. I agree about the exclusivity of LV since they never go on sale, but I truly do NOT understand why they increase their prices the way they do....but as long as people are paying those prices, they'll keep increasing them....they're no dummies!! ;)
  10. Not going on sale is a good thing because I too hate paying full price then seeing it go on sale...mind you when I got my Gucci Boston over 600.00 off I felt soooooooooo good. LV is so exclusive maybe that is why I only see fakes when I am out and about...I love LV but, must calm down over the new stuff and treat myself on occassion...I cannot afford to get what I want when I want it...I cannot live beyond my means anymore...I do love what I have...I just want more and more and more....I cannot get enough for some I do not like used...makes it more challenging...glad that it is timeless...whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww!!
  11. I dont mind that they don't go on sale. Like yeux, i would be pissed it a moth after i bought a bag it was a couple hundred cheaper. With LV the price only goes up so in the end what you paid initially is inevitably always a bargain, lol. I also can't just run out and buy a bag on a whim. I have to save. So when I find a bag I love i go on a hunger strike and then buy it. It is expensive but its soo worth it. :love:
  12. I agree! I hate spending a lot of money on something knowing there's a chance it will go on sale.....That said, I would prefer it if LV didn't increase in price so often......They haven't completely turned me off with their pricing YET though, and I think I would be more upset if they went 50% off! Plus now that I've found ****** I get a little more of a thrill out of my elux purchases:graucho:
  13. Yeah, but really only the seasonal stuff, their classic bags don't move and those are the ones I like the best:yes: I think I'm going to treat myself to a caviar classic flap soon if I find one I like on vacation, or maybe a caviar petite shopping tote, and a Suhali agenda, cles, and a pochette cancun (I think) CAN'T WAIT!!!
  14. If LV went on sale I wouldn't purchase them (or many of them). I would go ahead and bite the bullet and purchase Hermes.

    Only purchase what you can afford. Don't put yourself in debt. I know it's tough when you want something but in time it will come!
  15. Ugh tell me about know it's trouble when you only want 3 items and it adds up to more than 3K