LV is now hiring in US~

  1. Totally interested.. now if only I lived in the US !!!
  2. Indeed:lol: :hysteric:
  3. BF saw a posting on for some accountant or something. Too bad it's in NJ and not PA.
  4. OMG I so want to do this

    shame I'm student teaching full time and in school full time at nite.
  5. i agree!!
    i handed in my resume on bloor street just in case tho! haha although i am not expecting anything at all
  6. I got offered a job on Bloor St. but passed!!!:nuts: NO WAY I COULD WAIT SEVERAL MONTHS TO BUY NEW RELEASES/LTD EDs!!!:graucho:
  7. ^even at the 80% (on the corporate level) (5% more for managers...) discount? :yes:
  8. I applied last week!!! *still have my fingers crossed*
  9. Oh if there were only a store around here, I would so go apply for a job at LV...
  10. Working at LV sounds fun, in theory, but I have done my stint in retail and I can't go back. I used to work with similar clientele to LV--wealthy socialites, tourists, Latte-sipping NPRers--and it was quite frustrating. Yes, I had fun with some cool customers, but the A-holes far outnumbered the nice ones.

    I would rather do the buying, not the selling :graucho:
  11. *my fingers crossed* for you too !
  12. arrrrgh...i wish i lived in the us! i don't have the retail experience, but maybe i could be a stock room girl or something...
  13. wow!! when did you apply? and what was the process like!
    i would die to work there!! lol
    and when you say u gotta wait a few months, does it mean u havtah wait if u want discount or u gotta wait even if u dun't utilize the discount?
  14. AMEN to that!!!:yes: :yes: :yes: No discount is worth the BS!;)
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