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  1. I love LV and will continue even as it goes up in price! I'm not rich but I enjoy carrying a nice bag that I don't see 50 other women carrying around me. I feel that the bags are made well and will last a long time. What I love most about the bags is that the don't go on sale so if I want to sell my bag and fund another one I can and I get a good amount back on my bags and accessories!
  2. Well actualy, for me, i like the canvas because of the durability, and the leather part is soo special, what other bag has vachetta turning handles ?
  3. Here, here!!!:tup:
  4. #64 Nov 9, 2008
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2008
    ya... and that's what kinda pushed me over the edge.... I don't mind LV using their coated canvas cuz it's part of its history and tradition, but I'm more upset with LV cheapening up these days on details (especially with the cotton canvas lining for bags around or over 2000$)
    So to respond to your thread, I don't mind if the body of the product is leather or canvas, as long as it's WELL MADE overall, meaning the INSIDE and other details should be up there with my expectations.
  5. ...but the canvas is so durable!