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  1. Hi guys,

    My old friend from HS learned that I have been addicted to LV bags lately and she scolded me kiddingly and said:

    "How can you spend that much on LV which is not even leather??? Its not like they breed some kind of rare animal to make that bag to make up for the price tag! I can only spend that much for 100% Leather bags"

    I see a lot of brands with that yummy smooshy 100% GENUINE LEATHER material with the same price as LV but ironically, even with all that leather-- I dont feel those other bags are worth the high price and yet I buy LVs and feel they are totally worth it. Is that crazy??? :shrugs:

    What are your thoughts on this, do you think LV bags that have both canvass and leather are so not worth the $$$$ ???

  2. i do agree sometimes. most of the time, we buy the bags bcos its LV. :shrugs:
  3. Honestly, what brand is worth the price tag they charge for their bags? Leather or not. We buy it because it makes our heart skip a beat or we feel some sort of emotional attachment to it, making us feel we cannot live without it.

    Although the latter may just be me :P!
  4. You can buy leather bags for $19.00. Eg: A Buxton purse!!

    People often get their canvas bags re-leathered, because the leather has worn out! But, guess what, the canvas is still going strong!! I've seldon seen the canvas part of a bag with any wear on it. When they have been re-leathered they look like new!

    Some of these bags are 40 years old!

    So, you tell me, Does it matter if it is not all leather.??

    LV choose canvas, not to save money, but because it is so much more durable!:tup:
  5. #5 Nov 8, 2008
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2008
    I think for me, its more of the thought that LV spent decades and generations building their name and reputation and for me, newer brands simply cannot fetch that same price because they do not have that kind of history --

    I think I appreciate the fact that LV has retained its rep thru all these years and thats what we pay for. You cannot put a tag price on all that hardwork and talent they put in building this brand and making it what it is now-- when in fact, they can easily make $50 bags and sell a ton.

    They chose to remain exclusive to those who can afford and who choose to afford them.
  6. I really don't like leather bags that much. I think they're boring. I like canvas bags because, well, I just like them!
  7. it's really about brand. i don't think you can ever say, leather is better than canvas or vice versa because you'd never choose a $20 canvas bag over a louis vuitton suhali, nor would you ever choose a $20 leather bag over say, a louis vuitton canvas bag. in addition, no leather or material is really worth the thousands we pay for them. what you're really paying for is the brand, reputation, and style/design. if you love it for the price it's at, then it's worth it.
  8. i do think that sometimes :P
    but then i think what makes the money worth is the amount of times i'm using the bag and the amount of time the bag will stay useable
  9. leather - as long as its not snake or similar - is a cheap material. as long as animals are used in massproduction, leather does not cost $$$.

    what I pay for is that I don't have to carry 4pounds with an empty bag!
    I love the lightweight of the canvas.
    I also love the "tough" flavour of the canvas.

    What I pay for I the btw very successful LV marketing and it's effetcs LV has on me:

    my bag boosts my immune system since I glow with a radiant smile everytime I see it, have it in my hands ...

    why is it so?
    because LV designed a world far from our everyday world, a world where we become princesses and godesses.

    And: the good thing is, we don't need to be on a diet to "fit in the purse".
    *oooops. drifting away. sorry!*
  10. I think LV Canvas can hold up time much more than leather...
    My friend has a Bastille with the leather strap instead of the textile, and looks pretty bad nex to my Broadway with Textile strap... Leather cannot hold all the beating and tossing that canvas can IMO...
  11. Kenzo89, well said. :tup: You're not the only one.

  12. Seriously, first of all it's not really her business what you want to spend your money on... LV is expensive because it's made well. I actually think I like the canvas material more than leather because leather has to be taken care of.
  13. And how much do people pay for canvas sneakers? I would say, 'I buy LV because I CAN' !
  14. :tup:


    People always think that any leather is luxurious, for whatever reason... like it will last forever and is so so expensive to produce- not true IMO. Many man-made materials are totaly high-tech, are easy to care for and last much longer than leather!
  15. I get that all the time when people find out that the LV Monogram Canvas is.... CANVAS!

    I just shrug it off, honestly, and it doesn't even play a factor in my mind when I shop for bags.