LV is mainly...Brand? Style? Durable?

  1. It was fun knowing why some of my friends carried LV....most were b/c of the is known and worth carring for the price... is for the durability first....I love the canvas and its properties....its unique and worth it for me...

    How about you ladies and Gents.......what is the main thing that draws you to LV?
  2. all of the above! it's classy and i just love LV. plain and simple.
  3. The quality and knowing it'll be something I'll be able to carry on 20+ years. I've actually carried my mom's old Speedy 30 from the late 80' can't really say that for many other bags.
  4. I'm no lady, but:

    I love all lines and creativity of bags. I love the quality and craftsmanship. I love everything about LV.
  5. ^^My bad...corrected.....:shame:
  6. I hate it at first...but I start to like it because its quality, history and Marc Jacobs...and tPF influence.
  7. I love LV for all the reasons stated above! I especially like what lvbabydoll wrote, because it is the truth, you can use a LV for sooo long, and still look good.
  8. everything, plus bomber looks! fun, classy, whatever, it just goes and looks so good. somehow, i even FEEL better carrying it!
  9. Exactly. And I also love that LV takes risks.
  10. IT'S PRETTY! :p Yes the quality is great but lately I'm unsure as to HOW great it is. :s
  11. For me it is the BRAND, next it is its TIMELESSNESS. :smile:
  12. all of the above... and then some ;)
  13. I agree! All of the above; plus it's just so darn classy! I've had some of my LV for so so long - and it's still beautiful. Other than a Gucci doctor's bag, I can't think of any of my bags that have looked beautiful for so long.
  14. Cos I saw Caludia Schiffer carrying a mini sac when I was a teenager! I wanted one since then! But I still can't make myself buy a mono piece! My first bag was a Speedy 25 Damier. :smile:
  15. I just like the shapes, colors and patterns... the history, the stores... just beautiful lol