LV is going to St Croix--

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  1. iam traveling to St. Croix this week and need help narrowing down which one (s) to take. The pic us the most current collection minus the cles and trunks wallets and adding a porte monnaie. i plan on visiting the rainforest, buck island reef and island hop to st john and st thomas. which do you suggest?

    Thanks in advance

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  2. Take the Ipanema
  3. I would bring that bag in the back there (next to the speedy) & the roses pouchette
  4. Ebony Speedy
  5. Monty if you want bag that you can carry on your shoulder if not then the ebene Speedy & Roses pochette for evening! Enjoy your trip!
  6. Monty and Eva

    Have a great trip!
  7. beaubourg, speedy, and all the cosmetic cases!
    nothing with vachetta seeing as youll be around alot of water!
  8. beaubourg!!! So versatile and shoulder or handheld option. All canvas so no water/sand worries.

    I too am going to St Croix in a few weeks. Hope you have a blast!!! :yahoo::sunshine::sunshine::sunshine:
  9. One of your shoulder bags. And I expect an " Action" photo of you in St. Croix with LV!! Have fun!
  10. Monty and your speedy.
  11. Monty and speedy as well! If it was me, I'll take all lol
  12. montorgueil and eva
  13. i agree! take the beaubourg!
  14. Beaubourg seems the best option imo
  15. I would bring Beaubourg for day and Eva for the evenings ;)