LV iPod Shuffle Cover

  1. I am thinking about getting an iPod shuffle cover, however I was looking at the specs and it seems as if the shuffle would be too small in length. It also seems as if the iPod nano would fit perfectly inside one of these things. If anyone has the iPod shuffle cover can you please post pics (or info if you have)?

  2. I had it momentarily but I returned it when I got back to NYC from Paris. I did an exchange because I needed to give someone a gift and I used the iPod Shuffle cover as leverage on the price.

    It fits VERY snugly into the cover. It is designed to spec so it won't slip. I think the white MC version is the cutest because it matches the shuffle perfectly. It wouldn't look right if you have a Black MC cover or any other material that isn't white b/c it wouldn't match the lanyard headphones that wrap around your neck. :s

    I don't think the Nano would fit into the Shuffle cover - not at all! :yes:

    Hopefully that helps answer your questions :smile: