LV iPhone Theme


Will you apply this theme to your iPhone??

  1. I´d love to....

  2. Maybe

  3. Never

  4. I don´t know how....

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  1. Apple iPhone is great, but the graphics are quite boring, so I convinced my hubby to do a photorealistic LV theme for the iPhone, which is far better than what you may find in iPhone forums, will you apply it to your own iPhone???

  2. :plol...I'd have to say never. I love LV but this actually made me laugh out loud.
    No offense to anyone:heart:
  3. Honestly, I wouldn't. It seems a little too over the top, but to each his own. :yes:
  4. I think it is very clever and different. I would put the items I PLAN to buy as my pics... I do not have an iphone though! :sad:
  5. I probably would If I owned an I Phone! LOL! I think it's cute and different!
  6. First things first, I don't even know how to turn an iphone on, let alone make my own graphics and put them on my iphone, so most likely I will have the DEFAULT picture my whole life haha
  7. Thats actually a pretty good idea...see I jumped the gun on my answer. Is the phone in a case? I love the border around it. I've never seen that. Pretty
  8. It's cute.. but thats kinda.. XD!! Too much :p
  9. no :smile:
    I love the Apple theme: I wouldn't have bought an iPhone if I hadn't loved the graphics amongst other things
  10. I do have a case but it is not the LV case.
  11. very innovative! he did a good job :smile:
  12. It looks really nice! But I'll go a little crazy after a while and start associating the nimbus with notes and the red colored reade with the ipod. lol . Maybe instead of pictures of bags, they can be the original iphone icons. I do like the vachetta on the bottom. Nice touch!
  13. it's nice but maybe i would put in diff types of bags, i mean , diff brands? unfortunately, i dont know how to do any of those plus, I dont have an Iphone yet.. will be getting one next wk.
  14. Pretty cool ... as long as you love it, then that's all that matters!
  15. waaaaaaaw nice