LV-inyl Messenger?!?!?!

  1. OMG- I lay off my obsession for a week and now I'm already behind! Just it for the first time on before now I've only seen runway pics. I think I found a new love :love: Does anyone know how much this is estimated to cost and when it'll be available? Thanks :flowers:
    Squishy Messenger Fall 2006.jpg
  2. Here's a price list from previous threads.;)


    Messenger: 2900 Euros
    Squinchy: 1200 Euros
    Polly: 2300 Euros
    Stephen: 2500 Euros
    Bum bag: 5000 Euros
  3. Holy crap! Almost $4.9K? For Vinyl?!?! Seems insane when the embossed bags are considerably cheaper yet are still made of leather. My dreams are dashed but I'm glad I didn't let my hopes up for too long. Thanks!
  4. :roflmfao: LOL love your first reaction:P ...I know....:sweatdrop: and you're welcome.:biggrin:
  5. I was thinking this exact same thing!?! Why in the hell would I get a vinyl bag when I could get the leather embossed for a grand cheaper??? :yes:
  6. The bag is the original post is from the most recent show; S/S 2007, no word on actual final bags, let alone prices ;)
  7. ^The messenger is from the fall 06 show.
  8. Messenger 2900 euros??? You must be crazy to spend that much on something like that! Either that..or just toooooo much money, don't know where to put it...
  9. If the interior is anything like the squichy then it is stunning:yes: Here in Aus it is $6.1k (Aus $$) BEFORE the price increase:wtf:
  10. No Price Increase For Seasonal Items!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^
  11. I swear i´ve already saw a fake for the squitchy bag or whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG how come they make them!!! its scary!!! it was sold by 200 dlls!
  12. The pic is in fact from F/W 06- the messenger and the squishy bag are both on :yes:
  13. I love the Polly now. Hated it first :shrugs: