LV Investment?

  1. Do you consider LV an investment? Or do you collect just because you love it?
  2. For me, it's not an investment. I don't plan to resell and, if I did, I wouldn't try to get too much of the money back. It's for personal pleasure. I like to use the expensive things I buy, so their condition in the long run might not be great enough to sell for much anyway ;)
  3. both. i love LV, and i have to admit some of the bags were bought just because i loved them, not because i really needed them. and it's a name that will be around for a long time, so you could say it's an investment too. i hope my first (and hopefully ONLY) child will be a girl so that i have all these to pass down to her :love:
  4. I just love them and don't plan on reselling. I do think of my girls too who I know one day will wear my bags because I love my moms bags that she's had for ages. I think great bags like LV and Chanel are timeless and can last and last.
  5. I think of them as both, even though I will never sell them. I like the idea of my daughter having them & remembering days we spent together. LV is such a classic.
  6. Both..I collect them, but I use them as well.
    I love the Limited Edition lines and definitely get those for investment but like I said, I use each and every one of my pieces with the exception of the extra fuchsia vernis PTI that's my mom's. She's using the black MC right now instead.
    And I'd NEVER sell anything unless I was desperate..otherwise, all my pieces will stay in my collection.
  7. I buy them because I love them, but it's good to know that they hold their value, and I could sell one or two of them someday if I need to.
  8. I buy them to use them - I also hope to one day have 1 child, a daughter, and to pass them all to her!
  9. I think of them as an investment, and by that I mean that I think of them as accessories that I will get decades of use out of.
  10. I buy Lv b/c I like to get LOTS of use out it for awhile and still look stylish. As for the investment thing, it's a perk if I ever need the money or get bored of it.
  11. I would say both too. I love them, but then I know that if I ever want to sell any of them, they will hold their value. I keep my bags and accessories in "like new" shape anyway because I'm a little anal about them and that helps keep the value also.
  12. I collect it because I love it!:yes:
  13. Well when u buy them, you buy them because u love what u see how it feels, etc.... however.. if u ever have a change of heart.. u know that LV bags will always be on demand and u wont be stuck with them!
  14. Coz I LoVE it!
  15. I Buy & I Collect....Yes! Some Sit There.....But, I Use (Or Used) Most.

    No, I've Never Sold Any. Too Much A Part Of Me.

    Therefore ~ I Invest For Just Me!!!! :smile: