LV Inventeur Key Holder<--Miroir Keyholder!

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  1. OMG, just saw the Inventeur Key Holder on LV's Discover Monogram Miroir (sry, don't know how to take screen shot from flash media player)....Any one have it, mind post some eye candy? 1866 rep said it should hit the store already, and it's about 280? What do you all think of it? It's such a cleanline classic, if i can get my hands on some they would be perfect gift for bf and dad! Hopefully its not as heavy as Tiffany's keyholder, 'the weight will mess up my car's ignition' as bf refuse to use it.
    Yet i am confuse...web page mention u CAN attach to bag, but will any Miroir owner dare to put that metal plate on their Miroir?? I can see the gold one w/mono&damier, silver w/ blue Suhali/Epi, but on Miroir, hum.......:shrugs: It's probably the only key holder you CAN'T pair w/it's own line of handbags:sweatdrop:
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  2. prettttttttttttty
  3. Was it metal? I saw it at Neiman but, I didn't ask to see it. I would like to get one myself to finish off my Miroir collection.
  4. It's cute, really light and tiny. I don't know that I'd want one, but it's nice.
  5. The had them at valley fair....cute but for key chains inclusion is better, JMHO
  6. ^^ I agree. It's weird, I don't mind the keychain prices for things like the Jack & Lucie and the Speedy Inclusions, but this one doesn't really seem worth the price. I could have seen $150 but IMO, $280 is kind of pushing it for this one.
  7. Valley Fair, eh? Good to know. Yah, as far as key chains the inclusion is better, but I just want it to have it-not really to use it. :Push:
  8. I must be tired! :sleepy:

    I just read the first post and it was right there. $280! Hmm. Might have to re-think that. LOL.
  9. LV is getting crazy with prices
  10. Lol!
    I know,I saw it in the store when I went to pick out which Miroir Speedy I wanted and it was cute and all but just a tiny bit too pricey for me lol. I'd much rather get a different one for that price. ;)
  11. Lvbabydoll-tiny? as in same size of furtune key holder or smaller?
    So it's NOT metal as i first thought of.....sry for the misunderstanding:sweatdrop: Will try to stop by NM tomorrow to check out in RL. either this or panda key holder....
    280*2(bf and dad)=another Miori pochette w/ change! yikes!:wtf:
  12. Yeah it's pretty small. It's smaller than a business card, for sure. I was expecting it to be a little bigger than it was. And actually I think it IS metal. Its just really shiny and soft, like a new Tiffany's bracelet charm is (like the heart or circle tags), but it's just brass dipped in silver or gold, depending on the color chosen. It's hard to describe but I'm pretty sure it's smaller than the Fortune keychain as well.
  13. What!? SMALLER than Fortune keychain and it's 280?? i'll save myself some gas and traffic jam by not visiting NM to check it out.....i'll just call the Houston Galleria to ship one panda keychain for me. Inclusion keychain is so worth the pirce, but i need something lowkey to interchange w/inclusion.
  14. Yeah it's a lot smaller than I'd thought it was going to be. It was actually really disappointing. Here are the screen shots I pieced together for anyone who doesn't know what they look like:
  15. oooh! the silver one would be cute to hang off my black epi turenne but $280... wow! i wonder how low it hangs