LV interior question: what color should it be?

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  1. I had someone ask me this question and I had no idea, I think she thought my bag was fake. She said a friend of hers has a mono bag and it has a red lining. My bag has a canvas lining.

    Can someone please break down what bags are lined in what color? :flowers:
  2. What bag is she talking about?
  3. What kind of bag are you talking about, the model. Some bag has brown canvas lining like: speedy,keepall,alma,batignolle bh and bv on..and on..
    there are some bags in red microfiber lining, vuittonette, leather etc
  4. she didn't know the bag in question.

    My bag is the pochette bosphore and it is lined in brown canvas and i know its real :smile:
  5. I think your lining is correct. I don't have this bag, sorry

    Different model sometime has different color lining. Ask your friend what the name of her bag.
  6. there are so many different bags with different linings...some monos have red interior, as do the new Damier...some have canvas lining...i mean there are so many different bags!!
  7. ok thanks everyone. I will ask her next week when I see her
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