LV Interior Lining ?

  1. Why are there different interior linings in different Lv bags? Others have the suede canvas interior ... Some have soft white leather interior (i dont know what its called, lol :p) .. And I've seen some bags with a type of leather interior that looks the same as the SUEDE interior but its LEATHER...

    Are there any specific bags with specific interiors? Or does LV randomly choose the interior for all bags?

    Sorry if its confusing... :rolleyes:
  2. The suede you are talking about is called alcantara, it's not really suede but a manmade material.

    The Patchwork items have the liberty lining.

    Damier Canvas has either red/orange alcantara or red/orange textile lining.

    Suhali has micro monogram textile lining

    Monogram may have beige alcantara, or beige textile lining.

    White MC has red alcantara lining while black MC has "mushroom" alcantara lining.

    Louis Vuitton chooses lining based on the line, like the ones stated above. Certain runway/LE pieces will have special linings not found in other pieces.
  3. I love all the different linings!!! My fave is the lining inside my patchwork's cute purple flowers.
  4. I really like the Alcantara lining. I think it adds that extra rich look/feel to the bag. I especially like the beige color that's in my ecru Stratus PM, Manhattan PM and Cherry Blossom Retro. The red alcantara in my Mono Klara isn't bad either.
  5. I just posted some information on Alcantara in the main Louis Vuitton forum area*
  6. Thanks for the help, guys!

    Does anyone know if LV bags also have an interior that looks like the beige textile lining but its not textile?? It looks like leather material...
  7. Alcantara?

    That is the only material I can think of, because one of my coworkers was mistaken and thought the inside of my Beverly was made of leather when really it was beige alcantara.

    Do you have a pic?
  8. The lining of the petit bucket is embossed like leather grain, is that the one? I guess it is plastic and washable. Deauville has a heavy washable fabric lining as well. Aren't some vernis lined in leather? My monogram Trocadero and both Jeune Fille are lined in cross grain leather as are some accessories. Cross grain leather and alcantara are my favorite LV linings.
  9. Yes, some Vernis is lined in leather...although my French purse is not a bag, it's lined in calf leather and I *think* that the Houston/Brentwood is also lined in calf leather of the same colour...
  10. ^The Houston is lined in calfskin, the Brentwood is textile. :yes:
  11. That is my FAV too! My Mom has the grey denim speedy and I have the blue! She wants a shirt made out of the lining material! LOL!
  12. Does the Grey Patchwork speedy come in 2 different linings? I have seen the pretty purple flowers and the darker purple background with flowers?
  13. Ooh that might be it.. Does any1 have any pics of the interior of the petit bucket and the houston?
  14. Monogram Canvas Petit Bucket Interior shot. courtesy of Fashionphile [eBay seller.]


    here you go guys!!!
  15. Isn't that called vuittonite?