LV insulted Me and won't accept that My bag was faulty!

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  1. OP, Keep pursuing it, and do not give up! Try a different store, and try to deal with the store Manager if/when you can!

    I hope this can get resolved for you with a positive outcome as soon as possible. GL
  2. I don't think LV cares about the customers anymore. It is all about profit. Their quality has gone downhill in the past years and customer service is hit or miss. I do see that the vintage and older bags seem to be made better than he ones coming out the past few years. For LV a customer is just a number that can easily be replaced with one someone else desperate to buy their products.

    I wish you the best. I do think you should post on their social media pages with pictures.

    The Vernis is prone to having problems but this is not normal. I have small Vernis pieces that are over ten years old and they still look new. While they are in darker colors there is no changing of color or the gloss over the leather.

  3. Great to know! This is a good start from LV. Maybe things will get better and they can weed out the bad attitude SA and reward the good ones! I understand sales is difficult and there are some jerk customers too (none of us TPF'ers) but imo that's part of sales, and you should be polite to everyone even the jerk customers.
  4. Yikes! I hope it works out for you in the end.
  5. I thought they have a two year-warranty? My Vernis Alma's handles had chips on the coating after more or less 6 months and they changed the handles for free. I agree with other posters, try other LV stores first. This is not acceptable. That's a production defect.
  6. There is no official warranty on handbags at all. That's just an Internet legend... There is a warranty of time pieces for example, which comes with paperwork.

    However, LV will take care of most problems that happen during the first year of the bag (not the result of regular wear and tear of course). It's an internal policy. And they are usually great even for bags older than one year when something is obviously abnormal.
  7. They should replace those for free. I would try writing to them. The stuff at the bottom of the bag, though, looks like something else.
  8. How often are ban letters??
  9. Dear ustasena, I'm so sorry to hear about your experience! I, too, am a lover of LV Vernis and reading your post did raise a bit of a concern to me. That kind of customer service should not exist in such an iconic brand. I hope they provide you with a more reasonable resolution than demanding more money to be spent. Please keep us all updated with the progress. Good luck and take care dear!
  10. Wow!, I still can't stop saying... wow! France LV tells you it's a defective bag and you still have to pay 50% of the repair! That can't be right! :nono:

    I am speechless after reading everything on this tread although I now understand why an article I just saw said LV's sales are down.

    I am extremely grateful you posted this because we are leaving for Paris in 2 days and was going to buy a few LV bags and one for Mom as a gift. No way I am buying handbags at LV taking a chance of getting this kind of after service.
  11. Hello again everyone! I am forever grateful for your outpouring support! I am sorry that I can't quote each and every one of you seperately. But I have news!!!

    I have sent an e-mail to Louis Vuitton via the EU website as there is no seperate webpage for Turkey. I also wrote a lengthy e-mail to a high rank exclusive at LVMH. Well what do you know, the problem which couldn't be solved for over a month isn't insolveable after all! The store manager called Me and told Me that someone from France called them and let them know about My e-mail! They Are sending someone over to My house to pick the bag up. Makes Me think of all the times I had to drive 45 minutes to the store... The manager apologized of course but at this point I am done with apologies, I want to see real action being taken. They had a whole month to be proactive and they chose not to. The most ironic part is it took less than THREE HOURS for France to contact the store, inform them of My complaints and have them call me. I have to admit that this is unbelieveably fast and I have to give props to Louis Vuitton customer service. But it is a disgrace for Louis Vuitton Turkey...

    I hope I'm not talking too soon as the store manager didn't exactly say that there will be an exchange. It kind of felt like there will be another evaluation. Sigh... Whatever the outcome is, I will keep you all posted!
  12. Whether or not you are right or they are right, I am pretty sure they will exchange or issue a refund just to be done with your situation and move on.

    Good luck.
  13. At least it's a good start. LV has too many stores around the world, some have great staff and some does not. I hope all sort out at the end. Best wishes.
  14. You know what fabuleux, I'd be more than happy to just get a refund and move on with My life. Whether I was right or wrong, a Louis Vuitton employee or heck, even a regular person who was not affiliated with LV had no right to treat Me like that. This is more than just a faulty bag. Let them be done with me, that's what I am trying to do here. Smh...
  15. I'm glad they are taking another look. It seems to me the brand is starting to "hear" their customers, judging from the amount of surveys they have sent out to customers. (I got 2 within a month, 1 for the website and 1 for a repair). It's unfortunate that the squeaky wheel gets the grease... . All of this really wasn't necessary as its so obvious the bag is faulty and on top of that they were rude to you- totally unacceptable. Good luck, I believe they will do the right thing. I hope they make the rude repair specialist apologize too.