LV insulted Me and won't accept that My bag was faulty!

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  1. I've been having the worst time with LV for a month now! To make a frustratingly long story short, the dark brown glazing on My Alma Bb bled into the the beige leather and stained My less than a year old bag permanently. I took the bag into the store, they apologized and took it in and didn't get back to Me for weeks. After multiple calls from My end, three weeks later some guy called Me back and told Me that the bag was fine and had no surface stains. I asked him if he checked My bag as the problem was mainly on the handles, chaps and the strap. Turns out he didn't even bother to address My complaints and just checked the surface. When I tried to further explain the situation he says that it's obvious that I'm not capable of understanding him! He was extremely offensive and also rude about not trying to fix the situation for three weeks.

    I then went to the store with My husband, that man continued to verbally insult us and threatened to call the security and throw us out. After that a higher rank employee came and apologized promptly. He told us that he will personally take care of the situation and also address our complaints about the rude employee. A week later I get the final offer which is changing the handles for a fee. The fee is 1030 TL but as a favor they offered to charge Me for half the amount. I think the right thing for them to do is to let Me exchange. I paid 3850 TL for the bag and a year later I need to pay another thousand to get it fixed?! It wasn't even used related! And to top it all of, they returned the bag stained! I need to take this to court. God, I thought that I was giving My business to a respectable and well established brand. I'll post the pictures for your consideration. Any ideas or suggestions Are welcome. Thanks for reading.

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  2. The staining is spreading throughout the bag:

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  3. The other handle:

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  4. Bleeding of the glazing material along the strap:

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  5. The condition of the returned bag:

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  6. Stain no.2 :

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    Oh that is bad! I would be deeply insulted if I were in your case as well. The SA who received your bag when you surrendered it, was that person there?

    I would pursue this matter as far as possible as well. Goodluck!
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  8. Thank you for your support. I am insulted as you guessed and shocked at the attitude of world's leading luxury brand. My regular SA was there and last week when the higher ranked employee came to apologize he said that the problem for sure wasn't user related. He openly admitted that this was a glazing issue. After this conversation I was sure LV was going to make things right. The store says that LV France has the final say and that's it! Now the only solution I have is taking the legal route but I have two toddlers, do I have to bend over backwards for them to finally admit this is not acceptable?! The store isn't even close to My house, it has been a hassle to go back and forth. It has been going on for a whole month now. I am beyond frustrated...
  9. You might want to try to post this experience as comments in LV Facebook. Also write to LV Paris in letter to try your luck. Just trying different ways rather than take it to court.
  10. Sorry you have to experience this …. ask to escalate the issue… write to regional manager, CEO ..customer service line should assist you too?? … I feel it is a known issue with the lighter vernis you live in a humid climate? Good Luck and I agree take another route:heart:
  11. Thank you shalomjude. I live in İstanbul, Turkey so it's not exactly a humid climate. I really babied this bag, didn't even use it that much :sad: I've seen another user's vernis bag getting stained yellow from being stored in the dustbag so I didn't put it the dustbag, stored it in a cool dark place, away from sunlight. I even put the handles up to prevent indents on the sides. And they managed to further stain it in the store! I am so sad!

    I've never seen a glazing issue in the forum like My bag has, can you possibly copy some links if you have any? There is no customer service line in Turkey and no regional manager that I know of. I'm planning to send an e-mail to the customer services through the EU website. Is there another way to reach them? I hope I get resolution soon :sad:
  12. Oh thank you! You Are giving Me ideas. I can also post these pictures on instagram and tag Louis Vuitton. The court thing is my last resort but I know I have a strong hand. I'm not looking for a fight or vengeance but I loved and respected the heritage behind this brand and do not appreciate being scolded by their employee only to damage my bag further!
  13. Hi there
    Im so sorry you had to go through all this
    may i know is this vernis dune?
  14. A lot of the repair depends on who you're talking to, and what the SA is willing to do.

    I live in Paris, so I have a lot of stores close to me.

    I had issues with my brand new alma BB too. I took it to the printemps haussmann, they hold it two weeks, said repair service statued it was a faulty issue from me and that's it. They wanted to do leather care to my brand new bag (one month old) and charge me 300 euros for it.
    I was pretty pissed, took the bag home and stored it. When I took it out two weeks later, it was a lot worse. I took the bag to the flagship and they sent it to repair service. They told me the printemps haussman never sent the bag as they didn't find any trace in the system.
    Long story short, the bag was defective and I'm getting a store credit over it.

    So try another store if you can, then write to Paris before going to court.

    I'm sorry you have this hassle.
  15. Hi mimicry26! Yes the bag is vernis in the color Dune. It is extremely beautiful but my biggest bag regret Ever. I am stuck with a bag that has brown stains on the handles, chaps and the strap! And now they stained the only place which was fine to begin with - the surface! I was mindful when I was wearing it, checked it after every wear but this was unavoidable. I am beyond sad :sad:(