LV inspired me to paint my room?!

  1. For a couple months now I've been trying to decide on which colors to choose to paint my room but I couldn't find the perfect ones. I knew I wanted something beige and brown but I just couldn't find the right tones.

    Anyways this morning as I received my LV shoes, I was playing around with the brown box they come in and it suddenly hit me: the box's colors were exactly what I was looking for! They're so soothing and would be perfect for a bedroom.

    Am I crazy or does this make sense lol?!
  2. Take pics for us when you are done!
  3. lol I been thinking of adding LV decals to my room but I don't want my room to be called a knock off lol...
  4. love lv colors! please post pics when you're done =)
  5. I think they would be perfect colors for a room. I'm all for using a stores color for inspiration. I used abercrombies color scheme for my room. Charcoal grey walls with white bedding. Then i'm going to put black & white pictures with white frames. I've always had bright rooms & the dark colors are a nice change!
  6. post pics!!!
    this sounds cool!
  7. that sounds perfect in the UK we have a paint service where you can take something and they can photograph it and do a colour match try and find something like that and you can get the exact colours
  8. Sounds nice!!!
  9. Show us when you are done. I bet it will look great.
  10. wow that sounds great!!! can't wait to see the pics!!!
  11. Sounds really nice.
  12. That sounds awesome! Post pics when you're done!
  13. should be interesting, cant wait to see pic's.
  14. Neat! ... do post pictures of your room when you are finished.

    This thread reminded me of this picture: :biggrin:

  15. ^^^lmao :roflmfao: I bet they have LV tissue too...