LV inside ripped

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  1. I am not sure if any of you have come across this on your LV bags. I bought my first LV monogram bucket about 10 years ago and hardly use it. When it's not use, it's stored in it's garment bag in the closet. Recently, I took it out to use and found the upper inside lining started to come apart. It little pieces are sticky like glue. My new epi wallet that was inside got some of that stuff on it and it couldn't come off. My husband took the bag and my wallet to the LV boutique to see if the inside can be repaired. The SA said it would cost $155 to reline. He asked what was the cause of it. She said it happens alot if you store it in your closet where it's got moisture. It happens alot in Asia where it's very humid. He also asked if LV bags are good for Asia countries. It's a defict in their part and I shouldn't have to pay to for the repair. They were able to get some of the goo off my epi wallet. Although I don't use the bucket that much but it makes me upset that LV knows humidy would cause a defect and still charge for repair. Even if I repair, it's going to do the same thing down the years. It's good to know if anyone out there has this problem.
  2. I haven't seen a single bucket/petit bucket on ebay that hasn't had the "peeling/sticky lining" issue. I think some toiletry pochettes have the same problem.