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  1. HAHA!! That was my dream last night!! LV was inside a Safeway store and boy was I sooo happy LV was finally in Alaska!!!

    And--- This LV sold Coach items too! I was looking for a Coach wallet and actually bought an Amarante agenda!

    HAHA! I woke up with a dorky smile- how fricken funny is that!!

    And yeah- you can call me LV crazed- having dreams is a definite qualifier for that catagory! :roflmfao:
  2. That's so funny- my grocery store can barely keep it's bank in business, much less an LV :P
  3. Hahaha.
  4. Lol. And I thought I was happy when they added a Starbucks in mine. :lol:
  5. Lol.
  6. ^--- haha!! true- Starbucks is a very nice accessory to Safeway--- ahhhh how I miss the skinny triple shot sugar free hazelnut grande latte's

    I'm stuck in a town with NO coffee shop! argh! AND I forgot my latte maker in Fairbanks! argh.
  7. I had an LV dream the other night too - I dreamt I had the epi ivoire Alma! I tried it on in the boutique the other day but found it a tad small... I wonder if my dream was a sign?!?!?!
  8. Too funny. I have had LV dreams too. Ok now I am craving Starbucks......
  9. Lol I first read that and didn't realize it was a dream till I read it the second time - too funny! I bet that Amarante Agenda looked hot!

    I had an LV dream 2 nights ago but it was a sad one!!! I got dirt on my LV mono backpack and didn't have babywipes and used Clorox bleach kitchen wipes and it just made all the colours smear one big mess wiping the LV to just brown :sad: ! It was a real nightmare dream!
  10. lol! i have lv nightmares!
    once i dreamed that someone was drawing on my lvs!

  11. Heehee! Alma came to you in your dream! Yeah- I was bidding on a Pomme agenda and I guess that's why I dreamt of an agenda-- plus it's been bugging me on how dark of a purple amarante is going to be--- I think that's why I dreamt of a amarante agenda!

  12. same here- BIG time.

  13. Yep- the agenda was BEAUTIFUL- it was a dark purple- kinda like really purple koolaid- and OMLord it was divine! The feel, the smell- the SA's were very excited too about the new color!

    Clorox!! What a nightmare!! You must have been happy to wake up and realize it was just a dream!

  14. haha!! I've had DAYDREAMS my 5 year old is marking up my LV's!!
  15. What a wonderful dream! I had a dream once that I went into my closet and it was this huge room full of designer bags and shoes. I wish they came true, maybe someday.:girlsigh: