Lv initiales vernis belt

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  1. Does anyone own one of the LV Initiales Vernis belts?
    Do you love it? What do you wear it with? Any modeling pics?
    I have a black patent CC chanel belt that is loud and screams chanel but I love it. I am just not sure if I need another pricey logo belt. Would love your thoughts.....thanks
  2. this is the belt I am referring to.....

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  3. posting soon, just got this.

  4. [​IMG]


    Here is mine...Actually, i was showing of my Cavalli dress when i took this pic, that is why the LV belt didn't quite stand out...But it really does stand out with a one color dress/outfit...whatever the color is...It's absolutely gorgeous...You can dress it up or down, or even make an old dress look stunning...I'm really happy with it.
    I personally think it looks better when wearing it with a dress... Hope this helped.
  5. Amazing!!! The belt look gorgeous on you excellent choice want one now :smile:
  6. Thanks a lot, ma puce...It is indeed a gorgeous belt...I couldn't believe how it made everything look so much better...even no-name labels seem to appear like designer items when paired with it...unbelievable...Can't believe i waited this long to get one...
    You'll be more than a knock out with one, for sure!!!;)