LV inheritence: upset because Mom gave the Bucket to sister

  1. People need to seriously stop being so judgmental here. I have seen this same situation more times than I care to recall. It's normal. It's what happens when people die. So stop acting like this is weird, because someday you'll do it too.

    And also stop it with the materialism judgement. We all know this isn't about a bag. It's about relationships and emotions and expectations...

    To respond to the OP, I would wait until the dust settles in your friend's family and then encourage your friend to talk to her sister about it. These things set cracks in relationships that are truly unnecessary. If they can talk about it without being bitter or angry, they might be able to work it out. Otherwise the last memories your friend has with her mom could be tainted, meaning your friend's relationship with her sister could be tainted as well. And we all know that would be awful.
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    Agree! We can't be judgmental to someone that we hardly know.. It's just so wrong..

    To OP, glad to hear that everything is working out fine..:smile:
  3. I don't think the post is about a LV bag but the memories this bag holds. Sometimes when people are ill they are ready to pass on a few of their things to the people they love. My best friend is dying-she has terminal cancer that spread all through her body. The doctor is saying 6 months now and I think he is being kind. For the past year she has been giving things away. She made a special trip to see me to build a 30 year old dollhouse that she gave to my daughter. It was in storage for years and has warped wood and every piece that was glued on broke off when you touched it. But we put it together will industrial wood glue and it is solid as a rock. Now my daughter and I get to paint and fix it up. Everytime we look at it we smile and think of my friend and her love for us.
    My friend has also send me many things, some were Juicy purses for my daughter to bits of scrap lace for crafts. I cherish the pieces of lace because when I first met her about 30 years ago we did all sorts of wonderful crafts. She also sent me a collection of old beaded purses, many which I sent her so I had to laugh about this. She thought my daughter would have fun with displaying them. There are many memories and stories behind the things my friend sent me.

    When my mother died I went to my sister's house and she was seperating all my mom's clothing to give away. She had them in piles. I remember pulling out a dresser drawer and my sister telling me "do not touch anything, everything in my house belongs to me." My parents had a bedroom in their house. All I wanted was some type of clothing that perhaps had mom's perfume on it. I saw a small pile of clothes she was throwing out because they were old and took a nightgown. I felt it was something of mom's that I could hold. Did it make me feel better, yes. I also took a apron that she used to wear and still have it in my kitchen drawer. I can remember her wearing all sorts of aprons for every nice dinner or holiday. When a person is dying sometimes you just want to hold on. Also when a person is dying they may want to give special things away to certain people. My friend tried to clean out her house and get rid of furniture and things to the people she felt could cherish and use them. She really went on a declutter trip and it made her feel good to give her items away and not think they will be thrown out.
    When my cousin was in the hospital and dying her dad and brother cleaned out her room and gave everything away to the church or threw it out. This made me sad since they totally ignored her will and wishes of her will.
    Who it is to judge what anyone does in these situations.