LV inheritence: upset because Mom gave the Bucket to sister

  1. Thank you for posting. You said it exactly for what it was.
    Update: she talked to her mom about it and her mom gave it to her sister because it was a practical bag that stands and because her sister does not have a Lv. Her mom said not to make a fuss about it. My friend is happy to have talked to her mom. They talked about their trip to Paris together and all is fine. I am so relieved that all is well now with them, you need to have peace and tranquility in moments like this, My prayers go to them.
  2. I think some ppl are a little fast to judge. No one can reason with someones thinking and thought processes during such difficult times. Maybe you could suggest to your friend to forget about the bag now and focus on her Mother and maybe sometime down the track speak to her sister about the sentimental value the bag has to her. Maybe the sister may love the bag and want to start buying others and the could bring them closer by sharing an interest.This may be the sister intensions aswell..who knows. One thing is for sure that your friend can not speak to anyone other then you about the bag at this time or maybe other friends and familiy members may misinterpret you friends thoughts and cause more trouble then what it worth.
    Take care and remenber you are going to be very carefull with your advice xo
  3. Oops I didnt read this post. Happy it has all worked out. Though the power of communication.
  4. You said it so well. It's the bond. My friend can buy anything she wants because she is fortunate. The most important thing is that she is happy to have cleared it out with her mom and understand why her mom gave it to her sister. I am so glad that both are ok now and they are spending time together. No more questionnings nor bad feelings. She created a new memory with her mom when they talked about their trip to Paris and I am sure that she is happy that her sister got the bag.
  5. As someone that has already lost a parent (my dad), stuff like this never crossed my mind, not even for a second. There was too much to think about, to worry about a material object, like the well being of my surviving parent, her grieving, my dad's comfort in his final days.. I have all the gifts he gave me when he was alive and well and I will never part with them, but as for his personal items, I have no idea what my mom or sister did with them. There's something more important happening. An irreplaceable person is leaving.

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  6. Glad everything turned out ok for your friend and her mom!
  7. I think readers are getting too upset about this.

    It's obvious that the friend isn't upset because she wants the bag..because she is scavengering her mother's items and trying to get the valuables- I have seen that happen, and this is NOT that.

    To the friend, the bag symbolizes something special that she shared with her mother, and THAT is why it's important to her. Not because she wants the LV- she wants to cling to that special memory.

    I can completely see this- my sister has 0 interest in bags. But my mom and I both love bags and it's something that we share. Two years ago my mom was celebrating something important, and I flew there without the family or kids, and we spent a whole week together having so much fun and going to the beach etc.. And we went to LV and each bought ourselves a present. :smile: It's a wonderful memory for me, and if something happens to my mother, I would love to have that bag. Not because I want to carry it or cross it off my wish list, but because it's something special that we share. If I found out that my sister had gone into the house and taken the bag- that isn't special to HER at all, and has no sentimental value to her, I would be hurt.

    So, I feel for the friend..I can understand how she feels hurt. I hope that if she explains her feelings to her sister, she will let her have the bag.
  8. i agree with this!!! just because she wants the bag as a memory of her mother... does not mean she's not think or being with her mother now!! letting go is very hard... some times having something of that person ( even when they are still alive) makes you somehow feel better!! (i have experienced this myself).
  9. Oh I totally agree with you, people deal with heartache and pain in many different ways. I don't think the friend, is so angry about the bag, she is hurting at the thought of loosing her mom, and it is being directed at her sister. She probably doesn't even realize it. I say talk with your friend and if she wants to be mad about the bag let her!!! Believe me its more than that I'm site, my husband lost his mom when she was at the young age of 49, and its such a tragic thing to go through, be a good set of ears and let your friend vent!!! She is in my prayers!!
  10. Very happy she was able to talk to her mom about it, and gain some peace about it. I never thought you were trying to start drama at all, just posting a really sad situation about your friend. I hope she continues to feel comforted. It's a really hard thing to go through.
  11. Condolences to your friend. I also agree that some have been too quick to judge. For the people who have called your friend an ''ugly person'', it's not fair to judge without knowing the person OR the situation entirely. How does one know if the bag was all she was concerned about, how does one know it's not just a small upsetting event in amongst lots? Although the Internet is a place where we can express our opinions freely, common curtesy should still apply. Calling the OP's friend (someone who the OP evidently holds dear) an ''ugly person'' is downright rude.
  12. Oh geez people .. This is a forum and
    everybody has entitle to express their
    Opinions .. There's no drama or judgmental
    here .. We always have to put in our mind
    that everybody is deferent here .. Culture ,
    languages, and race !!! We are here to
    express our opinions on every situation
    Expect some negative and positive
    input .. Let us be for real that WE cannot
    Get a ALWAYS a positive feedback !!!'
    Get over with it and move on .. Next
    Thread please !!! Ugh !!!
  13. Hi friend! Love you! :hugs:
  14. OP, I'm glad that it's all worked out so that the bag is out of the way and your friend is spending as much time with her Mom as possible.
  15. Thank you :smile: and I am glad that your friend had a great talk with her mum :hugs: