LV Inclusion Speedy Keychain.....

  1. I have seen the inclusion keychain in the LV counter & I think it's pretty. Will the plastic scratch easily? Anybody use it as a bag charm? Do you think it's too big? If you have any pics of the inclusion speedy keychain on your bag, can you please post it? I really want a LV keychain, but I am not sure if I should get the inclusion keychain or the Jack & lucie keychain. Thanks!
  2. I got the Jack and Lucie first because they are so limited. Get that one!
  3. Here's my amarante inclusion speedy keychain adorning my Azur Speedy 30 bag. I love it SO much, I said on another thread earlier this week that I feel like carrying this bag without it would feel like going out without mascara! I've only had them both for about a month, but I can already see that the vachetta is ever-so-slightly darker in person than in this pic I took when I first got them. I haven't, however, noticed any kind of scratching on the keychain.
  4. I have an inclusion bracelet and I wear it all the time. I have banged it few times and it hasn't gotten scratched. I believe Rebecca dropped an inclusion bracelet on the pavement and it was fine. I wouldn't worry about hanging the little speedy on your bag at all.
  5. ^Yup, I did! Lol. It looks just fine still.
    I'd get the Jack & Lucie first though just because it's harder to find. :yes:
  6. I have the beige speedy inclusion key chain and I use it as a key chain. Therefore, I have scratched it. But~ it is okay because I intended for it to be used as a keychain.;)
  7. If you only use it as a bag charm, you should be fine. The resin is prone to light surface scratches, though. But you wouldn't be able to notice those unless you look really closely under good lighting.
  8. Here is mine.
  9. Have framboise and bkack. Love them. Don't really check to see if they're scratched. They're bag candy!!!
    IMG_3024.jpg IMG_3288.JPG going to work.jpg trio.JPG IMG_3451.JPG
  10. Oh Riley, what is that black denim somethingorother called in your last photo there? Stunning!!!!! :drool: :nuts:

    Anyway, on topic.. I think these make the perfect bag charms, and are nowhere near too big. When others are using cles' and pochette as bag charms, these can look positively tiny! I think they're gorgeous, and the Amarante looks incredible on Beth's Azur in an earlier post. I also love the Black on the Amarante Vernis bag of Riley's. *swoons*
  11. ^The black denim bag is the Cabby. :yes:
  12. Thanks Frankie. The Black Denim is the new Neo Cabby MM. Hard to find but a great bag. I am thinking I need a Pomme Inclusion for it.
  13. Ah, thank you both. *rushes off to amend wishlist*
  14. I have the beige on one my Batignolles Vertical and the noir one on my damier speedy 30. I think they compliment bags very nicely and are worth the money IMO.
  15. Got the Amarante for my damier speedy: