LV in Vogue

  1. i just got the new issue and on page 119 there are 2 amazing bags! So i was wondering if any of you knew what they were called, their retail price, and if they are limited? Thank You!
  2. scan ?
  3. can you post a pic?
  4. Or at least describe them?
  5. hmm...i should go look at the new vogue on my way home.
  6. ya sorry...

    it is called the Louis vuitton motard alligator femior bag, if that helps..i cant find a picture
  7. info's in the fall/winter summary second link in my signature
  8. thank you
  9. It'll be great if you can scan it. i would love to know what it is too.
  10. which Vogue is this? US, UK, French, Australian? who's on the cover?
  11. Just flicked through my new vogue(UK)....other LV but not this. Scan it please?
  12. this is the July Vogue with the beautiful Natalia on the cover.
    On page 119 we have two girls dressed head to toe in FW07 RTW clothing and accessories.
    The bag on the LEFT is the MONOGRAM MIRAGE (DÉGRADÉ) GRIET IN THE RED EXOTIC SKIN (umm... you have about 8 850$US to spare? lol).
    The bag on the RIGHT is the MONOGRAM MOTARD BIKER IN YELLOW-GREY EXOTIC SKIN (ummm... another 13 500$US to spare? lol great! they are alllll yours)

    EDIT: so here you go people, I took it with my Macbook so it is not very good quality and also it seems as if the picture is reversed.... like the left and right are now opposite from what you would normally see if you read it IRL lol.........
    Photo 3.jpg
  13. somebody can scan it in.. I would :heart: to see them!
  14. ummm... doesnt say.... so I guess USA??? lol but Natalia Vodianova is the cover girl