LV in the Snow

  1. Ladies and Gents,

    Is it okay to use my Damier Speedy in the snow? I've heard that LV is like the thinkpad of handbags... virtually indestructable! If Damier isn't good for the snow... any other LV suggestions?

  2. Damier is one of the best in the snow and rain. My experience has been that moisture just wipes off!
  3. My Damier Speedy goes out with me in every weather :yes:
    It's really the most carefree line IMO. Mine still looks brand new after more than a year, and I carry it a lot and don't really baby it (I never put it on the ground tho ;))
  4. I use my Damier Salsa every day for work (and my Damier Pap at weekends)

    Unfortunately, as i had to stumble through blizzard conditions from the car park to the office last Friday, I can confirm, bag good - no problems!!!

    (Obviously, it rains nearly every day, so I knew the Damier was good for that...)

  5. I use my Damier Speedy in the snow in MA! Go for it!
  6. Damier Ebene is great and so are Epi bags when it comes to snow or rain.
  7. My Damier Speedy is my all weather/go anywhere bag ... I love it!
  8. I've been carrying my Damier Speedy while it's been snowing and have had no problems. Still looks brand new!
  9. Thanks everyone! I just moved to Chicago from California... Hmmm... Maybe this means I need a few more Damier pieces...:idea:
  10. ^for sure!
  11. Good to know thank you
  12. snow, rain, hail, thunderstorm, its all good :biggrin:
  13. ditto! my trevi's been in the snow and rain - on the go every day for 4 months...and just a few days ago i was in gucci, and the SA there swore i must've just gotten it the day before it still looks sexy as ever! :party:
  14. Damier is a perfect bag for the snow! Enjoy!!
  15. Oh God YES!