LV in the QM2 Cruise Brochure

  1. LOL I thought I'd take a nice relaxing break from tPF and having my head full of purse and scarf thoughts this morning and relax reading the Queen Mary 2 cruise brochure that just arrived in the mail and get my mind off purses for a few minutes ROFL .... and look .... haha so of course I had to come back on and post the pic !

  2. Oh my...LV is everywhere!! There's no escaping Tina!!!
  3. lol- a lot of the French hotels put LV luggage in pics for hotel rooms too.

    btw I looked into the QM2 and a room like the one pictured goes for $11K on a one-way trip

  4. Ahh an epidemic we can live with.....

    It's a sign! Buy more LVs to go with the cruise!:roflmfao:
  5. lol this reminds me of when OPRAH'S show is over they show the inside of the hotel and there is a taiga suitecase and I think a kendall on top of it :smile:
  6. That's awesome!! Are you going on a cruise?? :smile:
  7. Lol I'm always going on another cruise - next one is Rome to Athens via Egypt, Greek Isles, Turkey in the fall and Christmas/New Years to Hawaii for '08/'09 .. and I'm looking for someting else ... I want to do Antarctica, Asia and um.... Australia/NZ maybe down the list after Antarctica :smile: Lol - I'd like an LV carryon piece .. do I dare get one of those Vernis? ... LOL
  8. Oh I never noticed that, is that at the end credits? Lol good eye !
  9. Yes you need Vernis for all of your upcoming travels! Thanks for posting this, I love it!
  10. LV is everywhere!
  11. too funny.
  12. yep, right when shes talking like "guest of the Oprah Winfrey show stay at....."
  13. Do they have an LV abroad the ship? I know one of the cruise ships has a Hermes!
  14. Maybe its Cunard that has the Hermes but I dont think there's an LV, but I haven't been on them all yet :smile: lol
  15. LOL Vista....I think it's one of those uber-luxury cruise ships that has Hermes!