LV in strange places


Jul 23, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Hey folks.
I just got back from my anniversary trip to Florida. We spent 5 days at Disney World. I was surprised to see so many people carrying LV's there (at the parks). A few people were carrying small messenger bags but that didn't seem that strange to me as they are practical for walking around the parks all day.
What WAS weird was that I saw a woman carrying a Mono Beverly GM and another with a Manhattan GM. It was 90 degrees every day and there were chances for thunderstorms. While I appreciate the look of the bags, they just seemed so out of place for Disney. I wouldn't bring my Galliera to a place where I'd be sweating and there might be rain (and water rides) that could ruin my vachetta.
So I was wondering....have any of you seen LV's in places where you wouldn't expect or am I just weird? :shrugs::confused1:


Nov 20, 2007
I would probably choose bloomsbury for something like Disneyland. But I sometimes see ladies with high heels in amusement parcs. For me that's weirder than LV!