LV in Songs or Music Videos (with Links)

  1. I just got an idea of doing a post with LV in music videos or songs!

    I just watched the new music video of Lil Mama. In the beginning there is a lot of LV luggage and a little girl wears a speedy:smile:

    In the Kanye West Music video: "When it all falls down", there is also a lot of luggage in the beginning:

    In the Danity Kane song "Showstopper" they sing: Louis Vuitton seats,...
    And of course in the video is a car with LV leather!

    In the music video of Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg and Pharell "say something" are a lot of LV's. Because they're in a LV Shop! And she wears a LV bikini!

    And in an old James Bond movie (don't know which one) James' whole luggage was LV!!

    Do you know other videos or song with LV? Please Post!
  2. not feeling the first one with lil mama. But in kanye west's stronger he mentions LV.

    here is the james bond one: bond_vuitton2.JPG
  3. Thanks you!
    Why not with Lil Mama? A man has a lot of luggage in his hands of LV and the two little girls wear LV. One girl has a Damier Canvas Speedy, I think the 30. But the other girl I don't know,...
  4. Kanye West's single cover of stronger is a creation of Takashi Murakami!

  5. Idk I'm just not likening it. and I am hooked on the song a bay bay by hurricane!! he mentions LV.
  6. Kanye West sings in gold digger "with a baby louis vuitton under her underarm"
  7. I may be bumping one of the oldest threads - but i ways loved this one and I'm hoping in 6 years, I can learn more songs to put on my LV play list!

    Mariah Carey - shake it off
    So I packed up my Louis Vuitton
    Jumped in your ride and took off

    Keri Hilson - knocks you down
    Keep rockin and keep rockin
    Whether you Louis Vuitton it up or Reebokin

    Label or Love - Fergie
    Manolo and Louis is all I'm thinking off