Lv in Singapore

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  1. Does anyone know how much is the Onatah Cuir GM en Aubergine in Singapore??? I plan to buy it there. thanksss
  2. I always feel that the price of LV in asia is much higher than north america
  3. i am in malaysia.i usually went to LV in ngee ann city.price in spore & KL compared to US is almost the same

    eg: i bought a wapity in KL for rm1100 [1100/3.8 = usd290]. it was priced usd275 in spore it shud be cheaper than KL.its all about the exchange rate.

    in case u feel like buying sumthing abroad then i say go for it.the difference is insignificant.but u can also wait to buy it at home.u can call them first and ask the price.go to ngee ann city, theyre the best!

    ps:there's also tax refund!
  4. Hey arman, how much is the tax refund? Planning on going there next year.:graucho: TIA:flowers:
  5. Hi. Not Arman (sorry, Arman, hope you don't mind me answering :P ) but am staying in S'pore so would like to help out here (I hope...)...

    Loklee, I'll give them a call when they open later this morning and post you the price. Arman is right. It usually is comparable to elux prices but you can claim 5% Goods & Services Tax (GST) refund on your items (for Lee too).

    Actually, LV prices in S'pore is one of the lowest in the region and I was told that many of S'pore's LV clientale comprise of travellers from the region who in fact, make LV purchases their priority when they visit the country :yes:

    I think besides the prices, the good thing about shopping overseas is that you may be able to find a HTF model (elsewhere) here...I know I'm always on the lookout at overseas LV when I never know...

    Let me know if you need more info :P
  6. ya, I want to get it here , but the 14% tax is too high for me :P
  7. I also heard that spore is cheaper than KL, how much is the tax refund? :graucho: During summer i went to Starhill, those LV SAs look so mean to me :confused1: ( I wear to casual ?? or my mono speedy looks cheap??):sad:
  8. :wlae: Thanks .. i really want to know the exact price in Spore... :P
  9. Firstly thank you phwish for your info:flowers: . loklee, phwish said it's 5% refund.:yes: Maybe you should consider visiting Sydney....our SA are friendly no matter what your wear.;)
  10. i found the previous thread that was talking abt SG price to give u idea..

    lee, i went to SG quite often and i find the price used to be cheaper but since i moved here i prefer to get one here (-gst) as the price is mostly the same
    * i love the feeling like we get 10% discount when claiming the gst back* :P :lol:

    in fact, SG gst refund woulf roughly be 4% of ur total purchase. so for me, it doesnt make that significant different though.. *i prefer sydney's 10% refund better in that sense* :P
  11. loklee, if you are going to starhill lv again, look for the this SA (joanne). she's good and very friendly. i guess those nasty SAs probably are some of the male SAs, i don't really like them as well.
  12. HI. Prices for Onatah Cuir GM en Aubergine and PM respectively are USD$1,659.34 and USD$1,287.09 (inclusive of 5% tax already). I'm not sure how the prices compare...and there's only a couple of pieces left for both PM and GM...The SAs in Ngee Ann City's are all generally very nice...regardless of what u wear (I've worn sandals and shorts in before...and there were occasions when I weren't even carrying LVs, just some other brandless bags in fact :P)..don't worry too much about them anyway!

    Oh yah, I agree with Lee and Suying, Australia's always good for LV shopping!

    HTH! :smile:
  13. i totally agree abouth those ruse SAs in starhill.theyre very judgemental & theyre not even close to being classy. i always ask for Mr. Azan.he's very helpful & friendly. and yes suying, joanne, she's nice too.

    but above all, i prefer to go ngee ann city rather than starhill. starhill doesnt cater full range & theyre stocks r actually coming from spore too.
  14. owh pardon my typo...ruse=rude theyre=their LoL!!
  15. i was in singapore with all LV that i could wear on but no one has the initiative to greet and offer me.. When i were in KL, i was rather casual with no branded at all but i was being offered services and it was pleasureable shopping there. In fact, KL has more stocks now especially those collectible items.Singapore doesnt give stocks to KL in fact they are just a means of stock delivery from Paris.By the way, talking about prices, Singapore is just about 7% cheaper( dont forget charging your cc will be higher). I would rather be regular to my local store.