LV in Saksfifth...

  1. Hi, everyone~:love: !

    My questions might be basic questions for you guys, but I need little help here...I got a saksfifth gift certificate for $1000..and I am thinking buying LV with that gift certificate:p . I am wondering 1)if all the saksfifth carry LV?: I am in eastcost, which Saks would you recommend for good LV selections?, 2) Is there certain brand that you can't buy with a gift certificate at Saks? :I don't want to be embarassed at the store after spending time to look at/choose a bag and found out LV couldn't be purchased with a gift cerfiticate IF that was the case. 3) Lastly, which LV bag would you buy with $1000 (a bag, or a bag with little accessory)? I want to buy something within the gift certificate amount.:rolleyes:

    THANKS~!:balloon: :flowers:
  2. Thanks! Your link gives me LV boutique locations...I need Saksfifth location where carries LV....:shrugs:
  3. New York, Massachuetts, and Maryland have LV Saks Fifth Avenue stores...
  4. I figured it would state whether the LV is a free-standing boutique, or located inside a Saks or Neiman Marcus. :s
  5. The link John gave you gives all the boutiques; not just the freestanding ones. If you don't see a Saks location in your town, there probably aren't any.
  6. For $1000, I would get a speedy and a cles or something!

    2 items, :smile:
  7. Oppppsss! Sorry, John 5...I am an ignorant about figuring out/looking up stuff with computer! Thank you for the link, and sorry again:sweatdrop: ...
  8. ITA!! But I guess I'm a little biased cuz I :heart::heart::heart: the speedy! The groom cles or a pomme ludlow wallet would be my choice of accessories!
  9. It's cool! No need to apologize! ;)

    I also suggest getting a Batignolles Horizontal and either a Cles or Damier Pocket Agenda.
  10. Saks in Hackensack NJ carries LV
  11. it really depends on what line, hand held or shoulder bag you want.

    Hand held: Speedy
    Shoulder : any line of Pochette, Batigonlles Horz. or Vert.
    i'd suggest you go on and search for LV by price or category if you are not familar w/LV styles or pricing. Have fun shopping!
  12. supposedly the only brand you can't buy with the saks rewards gc's are lv but some people have said that their store took it. i haven't tried myself so i don't know. why don't you call the saks in your area to see if they have an lv? it should be a few simple calls.
  13. i would go speedy, around 600 and change
    that leaves somewhere around 400 and change for another item
    for 125, you can get the credit card wallet. its my new lifesaver!
  14. This is a big/endless dilema! I even went to LV to take a look bags in real life to decide what I want with saks gift certificate.

    I got epi bowler (sp?) already (I needed to use store credit), which is SOOO pretty. So, I want something different other than epi with this gift certificate...Hmmm....(dilema, dilema...)