LV in psychological terms

  1. Well, I have a degree in psychology, so I'm inclined to reason about myself.:yes:
    So, I have to say, ther's something more than a simple passion behind my love for handbags.
    I would like to confront with you to elaborate on it.
    Bags are also for me a "refuge" an answer to a need of protection.:search:
    They are my Linus' rug...:shame:
    in particular I love LV denim with theyr comfortable and smooth interior... they are so soft and comfortable... What do you think? What's your experience?

  2. I'm happy when I look in my closet at my bags and there's a certain thrill in choosing which one to wear.
  3. Same here :yes:
  4. My bags make me feel supremely confident. I guess they are my shield.
    They're also a statement I'm making about myself.
    I've always battled with my weight - up and down like a yoyo - but it doesn't matter what size you are to carry a great bag.
    I guess subconsciously I'm saying 'I may have a big(gish) arse but I've got style and confidence.'
  5. My BF looks at me crosseyed (ok, not really) when I talk about watches, purses, and designer jewelry... but for me, I guess it's comes down to a statement of "arriving"?

    I grew up in low-income housing and my parents (I was lucky to be in one of the few non-single parent households in the neighborhood) were always scrimping & us kids always knew it... heck, I grew up with the feeling of being "too poor" to eat out at McD's!

    Anyway... I guess since I make my own money & don't yet have a family to support... it's nice to say "I want it & I can afford it." It's kinda fun to have a few luxury goods to gloat over...
  6. :yes: I have the same thing going not just for bags but clotes and everything basically. I love how we're able to "change" appearances and the impression we give just by switching simple stuff like clothes, bags and hair colour. I'm quite a perfectionist (everything I do) too and I think that actually draws me to higher end stuff even though that's a pretty stupid reason. So I try to look beyond it and just get stuff I like the appearance of.
  7. AMEN!
  8. I like to think about it this way....... No matter what I eat for handbag will always fit in the morning!!:yes:
  9. That is me to a "T" as well.
  10. handbags for me are an escape from the mundane and everyday...and they offer beauty and style...
  11. I remember hearing that the Psychological take on anyone who carries a large handbag is that they are carrying a lot of emotional baggage? Opinions would be interesting LOL
  12. :yes: ITA:yes:

    It may sound really weird but I've always have the belief that I don't have to spend that much on clothes because a great bag and shoes will ALWAYS jazz up any outfit so yes, my bags are very very impt to me.

    And also:

    :p So true~

  13. ITA!
  14. Mine is a couple of things...
    My mom was a teacher so I attended a very high end school that we couldn't have afforded without her teaching there. Great education, but I was around a lot of children who had a lot more material goods than I did. Not that I was deprived, but just think regular joe vs Super Sweet 16.
    So my handbags are my luxury/status goods that I never had growing up. They're also pretty perfect points of beauty in my somewhat chaotic life.

    So, dependable rewards.
  15. Love that answer! Also I never was a girly-girl growing up and now that I'm an adult :upsidedown: I like to at least pretend that I'm pulled together and looking like a woman! I, too, had to work for every cent I have and it's a great feeling of accomplishment to be able to have nice things.