LV in Paris in March

  1. I have to go to a wedding in London in March and I have convinced my husband to go to Paris for a couple of days.:yahoo: I want to see the LV museum and go shopping. Which is the best LV shop--I don't speak very much French and I don't want to be intimidated by snooty SAs. Does one shop have a better selection or nicer SAs?

    My SA here in California says he can put me on the list to visit the workshop. Has anyone done that?

    And of course I'll be buying something--at least one bag (which in my husband's eyes is plenty, but then we'd disagree I think). I hear that the prices are slightly cheaper in France. True? Will the spring bags be out by then?
  2. I think the best LV shop is in Saint-Germain district and on avenue Montaigne. Personally I don't like Champs-elyses store with queue in front doors. Generally is too crowded. Have great time in Paris!!!
  3. I am so jealous of you!! :smile:

    Have a great time on your trip! Going to the museum and workshop would be so fun!!
  4. Cool! Is the Museum open yet?
  5. I went to the one in champ e and I didn't wait at all to go in the shop is FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost cried LOL is just like being in heaven the Sas are nothing speciall tough they are kinda busy about the workshops u must do it!! I didn't do that but would be wonderfull the shop in av montaigne is a lot more quite... and the one in galleria lafayette is kinda small
  6. the prices are DEFINITELY cheaper in France...check out the french site, you can get prices from there - even with the conversion rate its still cheaper, plus you get VAT back!
  7. Of course, the next question is what to buy!!!!!
  8. I just did some research on Vuittons in France and they are slightly cheaper than in US.
    For example the bags that I'm lusting after, Vernis Houston is $1390 vs $1210, Vernis Zippy Wallet $675 vs $585, and Vernis Agendas mini and small are $225, $305 in US vs $195, $266 in France.
    Groom Porte Monnaie Round is $245 in US vs $215 in France and Groom Compact Zipped Wallet is $540 vs $475.

    I was thinking of asking someone to purchase some Vuitton for me in Paris, do you guys think it's worth the trouble? (I wouldn't pay any tax or anything.)