LV in Paris, France

  1. Is it true that LV's are priced less in France? If so, does anyone know how much less? I'm going to Paris in a few weeks, so any suggestions on where to get the best deal and/or find the most variety? Also, any suggestions on shopping in Paris would be greatly appreciated...Thanks!!!!!
  2. yes they're the cheapest worldwide. By how much? depends on the bag. the more expensive, the more savings. but on average, i'd say probably between 50-150$
  3. Yup, true, but each store in Paris will have the same price, so you can buy a bag from any store and still have a deal! Check to compare prices against elux. the speedy 30 comes out $80 cheaper ($540 converted from 415euro.)

    AND you get tax back when you leave the country so it's around 12% savings on top of everything! HTH!

    Bon voyage! :flowers:
  4. Yay, how exciting! Is there a specific process I need to go through to get the sales tax back at customs?

    Thanks for the quick responses gals!
  5. that's good to know! couple dollars of savings is better than nothing.:smile:
  6. I bought my daughter the mini HL at the Paris store in NOVEMBER..It came to about 250 after refund..normally 350 here.So I saved alot...
  7. Its cheaper. But they limit how much you can buy.
  8. I found it quite cheap. the more expensive the item, the more you saved (these are compared the Australian prices), plus you get VAT back. So its CHEAP!!!!!!

    I would love to go to France again, even just to stock up on LV and Chanel !!
  9. Thanks gals! Does anyone know the process to get your sales tax returned at customs (Is it difficult?) and what is the limit on items one can purchase?
  10. yes yes yes... france is the cheapest.. plus the GST you can save quite a lot, depends on what you buy..