LV in Paris Airport???

  1. Hi,
    my mom is going to russia and she's stopping at Paris' Airport.
    Does anyone know if there's LV boutique or Chanel boutique at the airport in Paris???
    thanks a lot:heart:
  2. There's no Chanel nor LV in the Paris airport.
  3. I don't believe there is either...:tdown:
  4. Unfortunately, there is no LV at Charles de Gaulle. A few years ago there was a Chanel at Terminal 2C, but I haven't seen it since; not sure if they moved or closed shop completely. There is a Hermes, however.
  5. no, sadly there is not. longchamp, burberry, lacaste, lancel -- and more -- i will think about it
  6. But there is LV store in Russia! ;)
  7. LV is pricey in russia
  8. ^ I know, I know. I`ve been there...
  9. going slightly off topic but there will be an LV in the new Heathrow Terminal when it's built
  10. theres no LV or chanel in the Paris airport? How strange!
  11. I wish there was an LV at my airport.
  12. The store in Russia is really nice - i think there is actually more than one! In Moscow there are at least 2 i know of:smile:
  13. Good to know... :graucho:
  14. ^ Yes I don't know where the flights from that terminal go but I'm booking one to anywhere LOL
  15. oh, something just clicked in my head. lol. airport means tax free right?